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  1. Yes, we are going to do the same. Breakfast and lunch should be easy to stay away from carbs. We probably won’t lose any weight, we’re just hoping we don’t gain a lot! We went off for a few days awhile back and we lived through it! Back on it after the cruise! I’m going to check into the vanilla Splenda Zero and experiment with some of the suggestions! Thank you!
  2. Thanks everyone! I tried the Protein shake in my coffee and I found it to be terrible! And to me, there is a difference between HWC and half n half. It’s not the carb content in HWC vs HnH. That doesn’t concern me. I like the taste and creaminess of HWC. I could use sweetener packets but I don’t use them in my coffee b/c I want the flavor (like vanilla). I also don’t want to carry refrigerated items around with me to get coffee. I was hoping there was a yummy powder alternative that someone knew about. I’ve been searching but so far nothing. At least nothing that tastes good to me anyway. So, it looks like I’ll be trying HnH with sweetener to get used to it before we go. And, I won’t be doing full keto on the cruise. I just want to make choices of where I’m going to eat keto and not. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for all all the input!
  3. I thought I posted this already but it’s not showing up? Oh well. Has anyone doing keto and that drinks coffee figured out this out? Will I be able to request HWC and SF syrup from the baristas (not Starbucks) on the Indy? Not sure if that’s an option or not? I can’t do creamer like I used to do and bringing my own HWC is not an option. We are getting the Refreshment package. Thanks so much!
  4. I spoke to a rep on the phone a few weeks ago. She said no need for the online photo b/c they will do it anyway at the port. I questioned why they had that online and she really didn’t know.
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