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  1. They cancelled are quantum cruise early march the other one march 23rd also cancelled by them I just don't like the way they lie to you when you ring and guy at the end of phone call started whistling as if hes bored answering these phone calls, just tell the truth like when he said not one refund has been done yes I know they have thousands but they should have started refunding by now people are out of work and in need of this money now not two months down the track, it took them ten seconds to take the payments but two to three months to return it is not a good look
  2. Ive just got off the phone with them after having email delaying our refund till 13th april now they are saying thats just a generic email and no refund will be forthcoming till at least 60 to 90 days when I asked how many people have actually received a full refund he said none ive been very loyal to royal but im afraid this fiasco is putting me off
  3. Hi If I want to make a complaint who is the best person to email in the chain of command? I have already had a meeting with the guest services manager and unfortunately we have not had the problem resolved Thanks
  4. Tradle would you mind if we asked for the name of hotel? as we are from Australia and doing Japan to Seattle next year thanks
  5. We have a quote from mr orange if you google him
  6. We did this last year and will be doing it again next year Easiest option we found was limousine bus its cheaper and especially if you are a senior citizen they store your luggage under the bus and off you go We are in our sixties and found it very easy as the desk for the bus tickets is very easy to find in the airport
  7. Has anyone gone from the ship to the airport in Beijing recently? if so does the ship do a transfer and a rough cost if possible Or do you think it would be better to get a private transfer
  8. The sky suite is still available 1999 so its gone up a hindred I would love to ask Laura why ☺
  9. Yes you do, also if you dont use it all on the one cruise you lose whatever is left on the FCC, Well we do in Australia
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