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  1. Zitsky - That is correct, but I don't feel that I am.
  2. It truly saddens me that we're so quick to judge/attack someone's opinion instead of trying to understand where they're coming from. Obobru, I completely understand where you're coming from and respect what you say. We have had similar experiences and expectations for the individuals we prefer to hang out with. The issue I've had is that many individuals within the community, from my experience, frown down on you if you have more conservative views on what a friendship should be (also, don't read too much into the word "conservative" everyone). Many of friends call me "boujie" which I don't see, I just see myself as excepting of others but I do have boundaries that I've had to set up because of so many people try to disrespect them.
  3. Zitsky - Honestly, I don't really need their attention. I'm actually more comfortable talking to str8 individuals than gay individuals. To an extent, yes it's the same, but everyone has a different type of personality so time spent with either someone who is gay or str8 will be different. I have met more gay guys that are catty and judgmental than str8 individuals, then again, I have met LGBT individuals that are more relatable than str8 individuals. I'm just expressing my experience with gay guys I have met on the cruise. I honestly feel that the reason why more LGBT don't interact with us is because A. We're older (I'm 39 and my fiance is 52) and B. Because we're more conservative and don't fit the stereotypes (not that there's anything wrong with them).
  4. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only person who has had mostly bad experiences. The last time I was at a FOD get together it was mainly 20 something kiddos, key word "kiddos", talking about their sexual experiences, dick sizes, the guys on the ship they want to sleep with and how much fun it is to try and sleep with married str8 guys. The few 30+ guys wouldn't talk to us because they were fawning over the 20 something guys, in hopes of sleeping with them. Usually on the cruise the str8 guys come over to us because they know we're not trying to flirt/sleep with them. I was so disgusted that I haven't gone back to a FOD get together since, that was about 5 cruises ago.
  5. And to be honest, most of the gay guys we've talked with who have be "inappropriate" have been 30+, none have been younger gay guys. I mean, we all have our own definition of "inappropriate" but then when you don't talk to those individuals one the cruise you get called "snobby". 😞
  6. DocRonPS - Yes, we have a cruise coming up on May 26th out of NOLA for my graduation. MishelleMcc – I totally agree! Everyone – I mean, we have met a bunch of people on our cruises. I have even started a Facebook page for the “fun” people that I have met since I first started cruising, back in 2003. Someone’s sexuality doesn’t matter to me especially when I’m looking to just relax on vacation. If someone is nice, funny, and exciting to be around then I don’t care if they’re LGBT+ or not. On the other hand, it would be nice to have another gay couple to hang out with while on a cruise so you don’t feel like such a minority.
  7. I don't know, we've been on several Carnival cruises, 12 cruises under my belt, and I can say that Carnival does have a "Friends of Dorothy" get together on every cruise. This is so that LGBT+ individuals are able to meet and greet each other, which is in their "Fun Times" that the passengers receive daily. As for the "unfriendly gays on cruises", I can say that my fiance and I have a few times interacted with other LGBT+ individuals on our cruises. What I can say is that many individuals we have come across usually act inappropriate (i.e. flirt, touchy, ask how big we are, ask if we have an open relationship, etc.). This I feel is the reason why we are more apprehensive on talking to other LGBT+ individuals, because of the boundary/impulse control issues. Now I obviously am not speaking for all but just our own personal experience, which hasn't been good.
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