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  1. cruz chic

    Anyone Have Cruise Critic on Android Phone?

    Did my phone information help? Now you've got me curious as to what type of phone you have. Thx.
  2. From what has been reported the Noordam casino is smoke free as well.
  3. cruz chic

    Anyone Have Cruise Critic on Android Phone?

    I have a Samsung android phone. I have no idea why it would look so different on each of your devises. My phone is fairly new and I've taken it to my provider when I've had issues and they have been just excellent in helping with issues. Maybe that could help you as well. Either that or Lizzie could help you as well. I think she posted that she has no issues and I know that you correspond with each other. Good luck. I hope you get it straightened out!
  4. cruz chic

    Anyone Have Cruise Critic on Android Phone?

    CC looks exactly the same on my phone as it does on any computer I have. I'm having no issues.
  5. cruz chic

    Upsell Pecking Order for HAL

    Yes, that only makes good business sense.
  6. Seattle often gives incorrect information even when it makes no sense. Trust what you have read here.
  7. cruz chic

    Opinions on Retreat Cabanas in Norway

    You will love that family cabana. Have a great time!
  8. cruz chic

    Wine Policy Question

    Lots of generalizations here. I spend quite a lot on board. I've seen couples that spend next to nothing. I met one couple last year and he said I must be "rich" because I was buying Hal's wine. You can believe my on board spending was much higher than that couple. Allowing singles on the ship with two bottles would cost Hal nothing more than letting a couple on with two bottles.
  9. cruz chic

    Canceling a cruise

    Your ta should cover that error. That said when I used a ta I would get their insurance when I booked, NOT Hal's insurance. I did cancel a cruise from time to time and I was able to transfer the insurance. I'm under the impression that you can't do that with Hal's insurance but I'm not 100 % sure.
  10. cruz chic

    Wine Policy Question

    I sail single as well. It's annoying that you can't bring 2 freebies on. Being a 4 star it doesn't pay for me to bring it on. I can get something I like in a wine package with a decent discount.
  11. cruz chic

    Will there be Cabanas on Koningsdam?

    You are very welcome. I was speaking about cabanas in general and added the information about the Noordam. I'm sorry you were confused.
  12. cruz chic

    Noordam - Mariners Lunch

    Thx for reporting on the MDR.
  13. Yeah, that's why I'm not interested (kidding, for those that might not understand) :D;):p.
  14. There seems to be a lot lately. I don't care at all so I don't look at them.
  15. cruz chic

    Book a Cruise to Cuba on HAL!?

    I saw it too, yesterday I think. You weren't seeing things.