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  1. Like the first poster said, look around the ship and see where you are most likely to spend your time. For us, on Subshine it is a Aft where the alchemy bar and comedy club. If you think show lounge, lobby bar and serenity, then forward elevators are closest.
  2. I remember it being about $20 and you get to pick 4 mini martinis from a list of 8ish? Its a good way to sample if you are new to them. But if you are a drinker and know your choice liquor(s) and flavors (ie, fruity, spicy, dry) just let them work their magic. Best drinks ever!
  3. I tried running a search, but WAY too many threads appear so there is no efficient way to find my answer. So I appreciate a quick answer, even though I am sure it has been answered before. I know that the Pride often runs late due to weather (we are sailing in early March) and have signed up for text alerts. But assuming she is running on time, when would you advise Platinum guests to arrive at the terminal? What is the typical time that they open the doors for check-in? We will be checking out of the hotel and relying on the hotel shuttle. The on-line check in had a window starting at 2, which is an hour later than what I am used to with my other cruises, and I think she departs at 5. Thanks in advance!
  4. We rode the local bus years ago so can't comment on the cab - but it isn't far from the port but wouldn't want to walk it. I would say allot 2 hours? It is a small zoo but fun. Check the website for the times of the march.
  5. My son preferred Princess to Carnival at that age; the Princess program was more physically active. He has cruised since 2 and never have we done a ship with tons of bells and whistles - the Sunshine and its SportsSquare has been closest to that definition. He has always had a great cruise.
  6. Orient Beach was still a disaster when we were there in March...
  7. Some other lines may allow swim diapers, but not Carnival. And no, they do not have a place for them to swim and they cannot use the splash pads either. It is for sanitary/health code reasons. It really isn't a big deal - having cruised with my youngest since he was 2. Even though he was potty trained, we never use the pools much, even to this day, 12 years later. The pools are small and deep, and often crowded with kids 6+ that are splashing and wild and not a great place for a toddler. If they are 2 years old, Carnival allows them into Camp - and most children prefer to be there as it is perfectly structured for their age needs. Use the swim diapers in port when you take excursions to the beach.
  8. MoneyBar is one of our favorite places. It is close to the ship, has good food and reasonably priced drinks; we have been able to easily entertain ourselves and our two sons for $80, plus the cab ride. It is not a classic beach as you see in the pictures above. It is a sandy area that has been added to the top of the coral wall, with plenty of tables, chairs and shade. The plus of going here is that there is pretty good snorkeling (at least with regard to fish) down the steps carved into the rock wall. If it were us, and we couldn't find anything that works for us through Carnival, this is an easy fall back. Also, it matters what time of year you are visiting; if you are going in December, it is going to be dark around 5 pm whereas in June you will have sunlight til after 8 pm.
  9. I no longer see the option to search a thread or topic. Is that gone? Also, I have to say that I am really bothered by the changes - I find this MUCH LESS user friendly than the old site. Things are harder to find a read. Really disappointing....to the point that after 10+ years of membership I may quit logging in.
  10. In my experience parents are not let in; they wait at the counter/door depending on the ship and the child comes to the front. All ships are very accessible - either via closed circuit TV or vision, that allows you to easily see your child at any time.
  11. St. Martin is still pretty much a disaster zone. There are few beaches open with facilities which forces everyone to Great Bay and Maho which, IMHO makes for a crowded, unpleasant experience. For that reason, we had opted for a private catamaran sail and snorkel - which not much optimism that that snorkeling would be good as hurricanes can destroy reefs for decades. Unfortunately, tourism is so low on the island, the company was not able to find another family to join us and they canceled it. We ended up renting a cab for a day and touring the island to see the devastation and to do our small part to put some money into their economy. I would highly recommend booking something through Carnival to maximize your experience here. Grand Turk is one of the best places for snorkeling as just off shore there is a 4-7,000 foot drop known as the wall. I would look into setting up a private tour here - the Carnival boats are packed, with many that have never snorkeled and it is a bit of a cluster as there is no real personal attention to get newbies up to speed.
  12. Does anyone have an answer to this for me please?
  13. I am sure this has been asked and answered on here before, but with the new changes to the site, I no longer appear to have an option to search threads. My question is this. I am looking at booking 2 rooms, both ES for 2020. The interior is the one in question, with our 2 sons plus the older's GF, as I anticipate they will still be dating in their senior year of college. IF however, the relationship fails, and she does not cruise with us, am I correct that the deposit would be forfeited if we know before final payment? After final payment, is the strategy to just have her be a no-show so we don't risk being bumped rooms? At that point we would get her port fees credited? I am just doing a cost benefit analysis here. I still don't know my youngest spring break schedule for 2020. Normally, I would just book a past guest rate, but I don't feel like putting down $750 on this cruise at the moment and the 2 for 1 deposit is much preferred to go ahead and secure the specific room I want, if I can confirm the younger's break. TIA
  14. The coupon is good up to a certain value - maybe $9 - so anything under that is free and anything above you pay the difference. You can get a Virgin daiquiri at the party - not sure about a “smoothie” but any of the virgin drinks on a bar menu appears to be fair game. We often ask the wait staff for things other than what they are serving. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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