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  1. Unless you booked your flights through Celebrity, their emergency travel number is useless! San Antonio is a remote location. It is easier to get a ride there than a ride back. Celebrity’s emergency rep told us, in so many words, we were on our own. Send them receipts and maybe they reimburse us for part of the travel. This is atrocious. They have buses at the pier for people on the ship. They could have provided an additional bus to help those waiting for the cruise to get back to Santiago. They are flying by the seat of their pants. No one is sitting down and rationally thinking of t
  2. Here is the page advertising this. It looks like a pretty nice deal and includes dispatchers. My husband and I are both retired firefighters. https://www.celebritycruises.com/int/cruise-ships/cruising-for-heroes
  3. Nothing has changed for us. SARs went worldwide too. The corona virus is on every continent except Antarctica at this point. Cruising won't change that. This will not stop us from cruising. We are heading out in a couple weeks! Sherri
  4. Cruise ships are not the problem. I've been following this closely. Italy quarantined several cities a couple days ago. Travellers from those areas returning to the US have not been screened. There is no way to know if any of those people are positive for the virus. Add to that the fact, if a person has substandard medical insurance, they are less likely to be seen at the hospital until their symptoms are far advanced. I believe the Coronavirus is already here. Take proper precautions where ever you travel. Sanitise your airplane seats and trays, stay away from coughing people if possible
  5. My husband and I have been on several Asia sailings. As some other posters have related, the Asia trips tend to be mostly Australians, Americans and UK citizens in our experience. Yes, we will continue to sail. I have caught the extremely contagious norovirus and a respiratory illness while sailing from China once. Many on the ship had it. I always carry a medical kit when we travel now. The ship board doctor has the basic meds I have, but, I feel it is much easier to come prepared with a basic kit including bandaids, ibuprofen, musinex, tums, etc. in addition to any prescription medications.
  6. I agree with everything you have said. We have eaten once at Blu, but, that was before Luminae. Since they introduced Luminae, we have not been back. It is not fair to take up the space in Blu, as a suite passenger, when we have our own dining venue. We tend to book Royal and PH suites, and that doesn't give us the right to take away space from someone else. I am glad you said something. If we booked an Aqua suite, Blu would be the reason we did and we would also feel upset if others were getting preference over us when we paid for that perk. I hope others will understand what you are saying.
  7. We never used that piece. We just assumed it was extra seating.
  8. Haha, that is part of my permanent list of requests for the butler on the first day. Great minds think alike. I got the idea from someone on one of these threads. I have a printed copy I hand to the butler on the first day to make it easier for both of us. I always request throw blankets and towels for the furniture. It was cold on our trip to Japan, but, we were still able to enjoy cozy naps on the balcony with our blankets.
  9. I also play a little and missed the piano. The chair is pretty much useless. I hope they replace it with comfortable seating if some sort. Enjoy your trip on Summit.
  10. The square blocks are still there, they have just been repurposed. They are being used as tables instead of seating. This function works much better.
  11. Hi Chemmo, All of the furniture on the balcony is very heavy except the pillows. We went through some rough seas on our way to Japan and nothing went overboard. I secured the pillows before the rocking and rolling started, 😂. I agree, the PH on M class is the best in the fleet. I love the kitchen and the huge balcony. Of course, there are more restaurants and night activities on the S class ships. We are booked in a PH on Eclipse for a March sailing from Chile. I will miss the balcony and the full sized refrigerator with ice, 😢. Yea, the floor medallion in the foyer, pre-revolution
  12. I think pictures don’t do it justice. When I first saw the pictures posted by another CC member, I thought the same thing, but, withheld judgement until I experienced it. We have stayed in room 6147 on Infinity, pre-retrofit so we know what it looked like before. Other than what I mentioned earlier, the new configuration is a great improvement and change on the old, dated decor. It is really hard to see the depth and textures of the monochromatic color scheme via photographs. Of course, everyone has different tastes. I, for one, am glad that Celebrity continues to upgrade in order to keep up
  13. It was really nice to meet you. We had a very active group on this cruise. It was a nice group of fun people. I’m glad you enjoyed the tour. We did too. There have been a lot of interesting design changes ship wide.
  14. Hcat-The Refrigerator is stocked with your drinks of choice. We typically like to have Perrier’s, still water, beer, wine and some drink mixers like orange and cranberry juice. You can order from most of the restaurants and the room service menu and also keep food in the refrigerator if you want. We had our butler bring fruit and cheese daily which we stored there. Sheffield - there is a table with seating for at least 7. The black chairs have arms. The other seating is on couches. I’ve attached a close up.
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