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  1. I always bring my own hair care products. I like the It’s a 10 line. I also use leave in conditioner daily. Of course, what works for me might not work for someone else. I have thick curly hair.
  2. If you have Kaiser, they pay for the typhoid vaccination. Kaiser also has a very streamlined travel nurse process. They evaluate your records and tell you what you need during a phone consult. They then order whatever vaccination you need, send you travel advisories for the area you will travel to and you can get your vaccinations at your local Kaiser in many cases. I get my typhoid vaccination every two years as recommended. Sherri
  3. I look forward to it. I’m glad they are changing up the shows and adding something new. I could only take so many Motown reviews and magician shows. I stopped going. I’ll be going to this show!
  4. I get every immunization the travel nurse recommends. There are active measles outbreaks in Japan, Europe and the US right now. If your insurance pays for it, you can also have a titer run to see if a prior vaccination is still effective. My insurance company did that for me and my measles immunizations from the 60’s and 70’s were still effective so I did not have to repeat my measles vaccination. Also, you might want to make sure you have a pertussis vaccination. Sherri
  5. The Shore Side Concierge just told me the Captain for Millennium will soon be Captain Charalampos (Charis) Theocharis. Is anyone familiar with him? Is he personable and one to walk the ship talking to passengers? Sherri
  6. Here a great video of the revolution. Skip to about 14:45 to see the Retreat sundeck.
  7. Here is the absolute best room tour video I have seen so far. I hope you like it. It’s says Penthouse tour but she actually tours all of the suites.
  8. Here is a great look at the revitalization;
  9. I always use a lanyard. The clothes I cruise with tend not to have pockets. Celebrity has a great assortment for purchase on the shop. I have a collection of beaded ones I match with my outfits. The ones I purchased don’t require the card to be punched. When I go ashore, I put a copy of my passport in my lanyard with my sea pass. I then wear it inside my shirt so it isn’t visible. Sherri
  10. I always make an appoint with the Kaiser travel nurse. They look at our records and order any vaccines we might need. Another good source of information is the CDC as someone else mentioned. Here’s the cdc link.https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel
  11. AirBnb is also a great resource for different types of tours. They have everything from cooking classes to bike tours. We booked a bike riding tour of Shinjuku for an upcoming trip to Tokyo. Sherri
  12. Here is one from Only in Japan.
  13. There are lots of great travel vlog series on YouTube. One of my favorites is Only in Japan. There are several other vloggers who do great explanations about anything from the culture to what to see and eat there. Here are a couple.
  14. Let me modify what I said earlier. I just thought about it. We typically like to eat later on cruises and don’t feel compelled to watch every show. That is probably why we have had very little problem making reservations on the day of. Typically, people like the 6 pm dining time. For us that is just to early. If you want a time period that is more coveted, you probably should book early. sherri
  15. Here is an article that explains it. https://www.forbes.com/sites/celebritycruises/2016/02/03/movie-and-a-menu-a-unique-cruise-dining-experience/#6d1554e23450
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