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  1. Nana, i feel your pain. i am at 79 days right now. I board Allure Easter Sunday, that will be my 80th day. i have to wait until my next cruise to get what little bennies Diamond affords. This sucks IMHO, RCCL already has my money for this cruise, plus i did a 7 day on X, the sister company. Seems to me that a concession could be made for someone in my circumstance. 6/7 of my cruise i will have satisfied the Diamond criteria. But, it's my ball and those are my rules. Tough sh** for you, says RCCL.:evilsmile::mad:
  2. good hints. we sail 4/1-4/8 on Allure. I am a Tottenham Spurs fan.
  3. one9marine

    Allure/Oasis vs Anthem

    will be going on Allure Easter for the 4th time, have done Anthem and Quantum. IMHO there is no comparison, Allure hands down, if for nothing else the dining room experience. But there is LOTS more. Allure all the way!:cool:
  4. one9marine

    Belly Flop Competition!

    i've enjoyed my belly flop competitions. Right now i am the 2 time defending champion Allure Easter week cruise. i have been 2nd 4 times. Didn't place on the cruise out of San Juan. The CD seemed to play to the crowd, a kid weighing about 140 was the winner. I'm 73 so my "career" is winding down. Might make this Easter my last one. :D
  5. we turn Diamond on the 1st day of our Easter cruise on Allure. i know RCL has regs but it kinda does suck. They already have my money. :mad:
  6. one9marine

    Allure of the Seas first timer

    kids will like the Boardwalk. 6th floor aft. also that is where the amphitheater is. For Mom and Dad a nice mexican place (Rita's i think). Good guac and drinks. Also Johnny Rockets and The Smokehouse (hot dogs, brats, and sausages). Central Park on the 8th floor is a nice oasis. Park Cafe is nice. Rising tide bar goes from 5th to 5th floors. Kinda neat for the ride. The little one will enjoy the Kids Zone on the pool deck If i had to choose Allure is my favorite. Oasis basically the same except we like the eating options better on Allure. Happy cruising!
  7. one9marine

    Allure balcony - best deck and type?

    This Easter will be our 4th cruise on Allure, We like deck 8 because of Central Park. Really neat pass thur to the other elevators depending to where your room is. We had a boardwalk balcony once right over the Carousel. Did not like as much as OV balcony. also agree on the starboard side.
  8. as for decorations, really large tree outside Michaels pub. nice display outside Jamies. other small decorations around the ship.
  9. really was very unthoughtful of her. who would leave a toddler crying alone on a ship?
  10. Dennis ? is CD, don't remember Capt. we ate in Chops, loved it. We drove as we live in Dela-where. Did not do Ifly. No to Solarium Bistro, but did hear good comments about it. Yea, it made for an interesting drive home.
  11. Make sure you have an assigned dining time before boarding. the 4 dining rooms is a cluster@*#^. We had "my time dining" but not an assigned time, had to scramble for a time we wanted. The sea pass cards can't be punched because of the chip technology, if you use a lanyard is has to have a card holder. For the Northstar there is a height requirement of 42". If you are told different by guest services or anyone else it's wrong. on our ride time their was a family who argued with the attendant about their toddler be allowed because "guest services" said it was ok. They really beat the guy up, kudos for him for not allowing them. Their solution was to leave the toddler in his stroller at the bottom while they went up. he started crying, the attendant came up the steps to tell them, the mother's comment was "he'll be ok, he won't remember it." My wife and i were appalled at her callousness.:mad: Boleros has 2 for 1 margaritas a few times, watch for it. We liked "We will rock you", Outstanding. We missed "The Gift", heard from quite a few it was no good. Did hear somebody say they liked it. The headliners were ok. Chair hogs were out in force on sea days. You can eat breakfast in the dining room on Deck 3 to avoid WJ. if you have questions i will try to answer.
  12. one9marine

    Parking,luggage at Bayonne question?

    Thanks for the quick responses. :D
  13. Do we drop off our luggage before going to the garage? Hope so, don't want to lug it from there. Thanks.