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    From MSY to French Quarter - taxi/rental/bus?

    Thanks for all the info. I too am totally looking forward to beignets!! I've heard Cafe du monde is good also. We're booked in at the Astor Crowne Plaza on the corner of Canal and Bourbon St.
  2. We'll be flying into New Orleans on Apr 20 the day before our cruise in hopes of doing some sightseeing (and stuffing-faces with cajun cooking! YUM!) weighing the pros and cons of a rental car or some form of pbulic transport. How far is the airport from the french quarter (where we'll be staying)? Price of parking in the French Quarter? Is there a shuttle/bus that goes from the airport to the french quarter or would we need to taxi? If we taxi, how much would a taxi cost from the airport? If we rent a car from the airport, are there car rental places near the french quarter to which we can return the car? We're travelling with an infant and a 5yr old and LOTS of luggage (mostly mine). From those who've been in a similar position before in NOLA what do you think is the best/least expensive option for us?
  3. mlpreston

    Fantasy Only Questions ...

    We've booked David and Ivan's Ruin Tour in Costa Maya also when we cruise in April.:D :D
  4. mlpreston

    Fantasy Only Questions ...

    Couple of questions: Food-wise: What is not included in the price of the cruise? (I know that drinks aren't included) Are all of the restaurants on the ship included in the price? Should I bring lots of baby food with me or can the cooks puree vegetables/fruits for my baby? S&S card: How much is considered average spending for a cruise? How much do they charge your credit card up front? Misc: Can I bring a hair dryer? Can I plug a bottle warmer in, in my cabin?
  5. mlpreston

    Fantasy Only Questions ...

    47 days until we board the Fantasy for our first cruise! Thanks to everyone for your great reviews and photos, we are soooo excited!!! I felt a little queasy when we first booked it when I finally found room photos of the pink/purple/orange decor and the neon! But thanks to all of you I know that they have revamped the ship and the decor and am soo excited!!