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  1. We are trying to plan which nights we will book Specialty restaurants, and also considering balcony dining for our 30th anniversary. Which two nights are formal for a seven (7) night Caribbean Princess cruise? :cool:
  2. umass88sdsu

    When can I reserve for Spa and Specialty Dining?

    Actually, I graduated from UMASS in 1974, but from San Diego State in 1988!!
  3. When can I get on-line to reserve Spa and Specialty dining?
  4. Which should I book - and why? Quick, they are all currently open!
  5. umass88sdsu

    CB Emerald mini-suite - which one to pick

    Did you have any concerns about being the first in the row of minis? Was it ok to be beside the lifeboats, etc? We don't care so much about the size of the balcony, did you switch for any other reason?
  6. From the previous threads, I read that CB Emerald deck minis have covered balconies and starboard is away from the Club Fusion. It is still early (1/27/08 Cruise) so would you recommend we book E721-E-723-E725-E729-or E731? And why? This is our 30th Anniversary (we were married very young!) so my DH want everything to be PERFECT!! i.e, Private and Quiet :rolleyes: Thanks in advance. Right now we have E721. :confused: