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  1. New to NCL, and need to know if any specialty dining venues require jacket/tie for men. Leaving on Dawn this Sunday.
  2. Does NCL have self assist available when leaving the ship in NOLA?
  3. Stating one's opinion is what these forums are for, at least they're supposed to be. There are very few things in life that truly offend me anymore, but I will stand up for my God, even if it means I don't think the ad was "wonderful", as you stated earlier. Have a nice day, and God bless.
  4. The views of the ocean and ships were nice, but as a Christian, I took offense at the remark that we (mankind) came from the sea. I feel that God created man in His image, and I did not somehow evolve from a guppy to a monkey and finally to a modern day man. It's a NO VOTE for CCL commercial
  5. Did not care for it. I felt it was a slap against those of us that believe man was created by God in His image.
  6. Ran into the same thing on the Magic a few weeks ago. Nothing available online, but had no problem getting wife appointment once onboard.
  7. So totally agree. When you consider that there was approximately 4,000 passengers on Magic, the % of CC members onboard, on average, is minuscule. Just look at the numbers on the roll call for various cruises. I've been on several roll calls for our cruises, and the average was 35-40 people. Had I been on Magic last week, I would've gotten on the Internet to communicate with family n friends via Facebook, and to get news via Twitter, then logged off.
  8. I always take my meds in labeled containers, and in a quantity well more than I'll need on the cruise, allowing for any unforeseen event like mechanical failure or weather related delays. All go in a clear Baggie and have never had any problems this way on cruises or TSA airport security.
  9. Host Walt.. Isn't this just another smoking thread disguised by the title? http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2076096
  10. Before selling the house, cars and belongings, I'd advise taking some long cruises just to get a feel for it. HAL has long itineraries ranging from 30 days to the 115 day world cruise, and several in between. Some of them are round trip from US ports, so that's a plus on the airfare costs. We took their 30 day Hawaii/Tahiti cruise two years ago. And although we had a totally wonderful bucket-list type experience, we were ready to disembark upon return to San Diego....there's no place like home ;) We are fairly avid cruisers, 16 in the last 18 years on 3 different lines, but don't feel it could be an every day thing.
  11. Bingo!!! Many folks on CC think that whatever opinion is published here is the final word in all of cruising. The average size of all the meet n greets I've attended is probably around 40. Some larger and some smaller of course, but considering the passenger capacity on some of those ships, CC represents a small percentage. To answer the question posed by the OP...yes, we will continue to cruise on HAL if balcony smoking remains.
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