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  1. Thank you everyone. Air Canada used to have a flight arriving LAX at 11:35 am and it always worked out. I think I will have a look at hotels in San Pedro and fly in a day early.:D
  2. Thank you for your replies. I could take a direct flight out of Vancouver that arrives LAX at 1:00 pm. The ship's departure time is 4:00 pm so according to their "rules" International flights must arrive 3-1/2 hrs. prior to departure time, so I am out by 1/2 hour. "Kamloops", do you mean the cruise transfer would still be at LAX?
  3. Can anyone tell me the latest Princess shuttle on cruise day from LAX to the ship?
  4. Have done this cruise on the Ruby and loved it. However, the Star does the same itinerary and would appreciate any opinions on which ship is the "nicest". Thanks everyone.
  5. Have not been on this ship as I usually do the Oasis, i.e. large ships. Has anybody been on the Vision recently and would give their opinion as to its condition, etc? Would appreciate any or all replies. Thanks.
  6. It happened to me on the Ruby last week. Just go to Guest Services and they will give you a new card right away. The "clasp" on my purse was the culprit.
  7. Thank you for all your replies. I intended to use it a LOT of the time, e.g. playing games, Facebook, etc. Doesn't sound too good though. Will have to think it over real well!
  8. I will be on the Ruby (first time, can't wait) Dec. 3 for the Mexican Riviera cruise. Going solo, so would like to have internet access in case I need something to do ;) I have had Voom on RCI and it is as fast as at home. Does anyone have any advice re the Ruby? Thanks in advance.
  9. I have also noticed that first night pays somewhat "better". Having said that, we used to have fun in the casinos every evening, however, we just don't go there anymore. There hasn't been the win a bit, lose a bit our last few cruises so we stay away. Must admit we miss going:)
  10. Thank you for your reply. Will have to think about the charge. Would be nice to have a lounger available all day, every day though and not have to find one, then drag it to the shade :)
  11. Am thinking of the Ruby to Mexico this Fall. Am not familiar with the Sanctuary but it sounds interesting. Is there a pool, are their loungers in the shade, is there an extra charge? Would like to know anything about it. TY.:)
  12. Pls. excuse my last post. Suddenly, there they are! Now to sit back and enjoy this cruise. TY for posting. Always like sailing along with you.
  13. I found this review and was so anxious to settle in and read it. Alas, the first few photos taken in S.F. before boarding seem to be the only ones I can see. What happened to all the others? Am I doing something wrong? HELP!!
  14. Thank you MM. I do have most of your list on my list. lol. :D. Will now add to my list!
  15. Thank you all for your replies and advice. I will bring the cash with me and possibly I won't spend (gamble) as much :)
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