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    How do I bring alcohol on board?

    I am leaving sunday for a NCL. The last cruise I went on was carnival and my bar bill was outrageous. I am a poor college student and this is spring break and I wish to enjoy as many miller lites as possible without paying 5.50 a beer.(which is a 1000% markup by the way)(greed) I have completed several internet searches on if its ok to bring beer on board. First off I know that its against NCL policy to allow passengers to freely bring alcohol on board. Originally my idea was to take an ice-chest and cram it to the very top with beer and tape it shut and let them bring it to my room. Since I realize now that this will most likely result in me getting my beer held up untill the last day of the cruise I am going to have to get crafty in order to beat thier security. So here is my plan: I am going to buy two 24 packs of diet coke and then pull a "switcheroo" by carefully opening the cardboard containers and removing the diet coke and replacing with miller lite and carefully glueing the cardboard back closed. These will be carted inside of either a spare suitcase or taped up with a large "sams choice" 48pack flat of bottled water. From what I have read so far all they will do is hold on to it untill the end of the cruise if they catch it. Out of 3000 people on board I am sure that quite a few people will be caught bringing alcohol on board, and most likely they will not throw anyone off of the ship for this because you might could argue that they would have to throw everyone off for this. So essentially there is no penalty at all for trying other than maybe looking like an idoit when they call you down there to claim you contraband.(which I have no problem with at all) :D 48 beer for the price of less than 10 beer:D i will report back in a week and let anyone who cares know if this worked or not. Mr T.:cool: