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  1. What is the status of refunds for refundable OBC? We are waiting for our OBC refund from a Sky Princess cruise which ended on March 14th (5 weeks ago). Anyone have experience with OBC refunds considering the current situation?
  2. Ours came from Singapore thru Japan via FedEx. Arrived 18 days before sail date.
  3. I understand on the Regal the Medallion takes place of your cruise card. How do they verify your Traditional Dining table assignment? In the past the table assignment was listed on your cruise card.
  4. Not sure what procedure you followed but deleted previous passport info, reentered info and all green now.
  5. No, both photos (mine & my wife's) both have a section of a circle around them in orange (the rest is green) along with a small orange circle with an asterisk. This program is not new - you would think Princess would have solved all the bugs!
  6. Anyone having current problems setting up Ocean Ready for an upcoming cruise? "Travel Documents" section will not complete, circle will not turn green and has an orange circle with an asterisk inside. Contacted Princess Ocean Ready yesterday and a customer service rep. indicated they were having issues with the App. Their IT was working on it and should be corrected this AM. Checked again this morning and issue still exists.
  7. If you don't use your FCC the funds are returned to you after 2 years in the form of a check. You cannot transfer them. This is all highlighted in a footnote on the FCC confirmation.
  8. And we were on the Caribbean Princess in January and got our unused OBC via check in about 3 weeks!
  9. I believe the Medallion works for getting off and on the ship but in many ports the port security people want to see your cruise card for access (plus in most cases a photo ID)!
  10. Never had a problem getting a table for 2 at Traditional Dining. But in many cases they are located only a couple of feet from another table for 2. And in some cases there's another table for 2 on the other side. More like a table for 6!
  11. C-LAD


    Or better yet - bring a couple of bottles of H2O in your carry on and refill from the tap!
  12. You meet in one of the venues on Deck 7 - if you get there early enough, there will be plenty of chairs.
  13. Tells baggage handlers what bin to put luggage in so when it is loaded on the ship, it is in near proximity to the cabin. Number indicates cabin deck level.
  14. Actually I was referring to the major revisions to the Island Princess - not only did they add cabins to the mid-ship area but added two levels of cabins at the stern by removing the Universe Lounge! 200 more passengers and removal of an entire venue - now that's really "not good"!
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