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  1. No it's not. She copied the info directly from Carnival and stated she may be misinterpreting it. And the subject of this post is a question, not a definitive statement. I really hope you did not report this post or the poster...
  2. I hope to see you there! We are on the 8/15 Breeze sailing also.
  3. There is no August 10 2020 Carnival Breeze sailing. She is doing 7 day cruises starting on 8/1, 8/8, 8/15 (we're on this one), 8/22 and 8/29.
  4. Agreed with the above. Book with whatever name is on the legal identification you are presenting at the port.
  5. Did you book 1 room or 2? If you booked 1 room that is rated for 4 people and you cancel 2 guests beforehand, that could cause an issue with Carnival making you change cabins or changing the rates your are charged because there is no longer 4 people in the room. If you no show those 2 passengers that aren't going, none of the above will happen. I would also verify with your insurance policy that they will refund a no show and not make you officially cancel the 2 passengers to be able to collect on the insurance policy.
  6. We are on the next sailing after you and are planning on staying on the ship in Freeport.
  7. I agree, I was going to say right around $2.75
  8. Yes, whatever gets charged to your on board account will be offset by whatever on board credit you have.
  9. What time of year have these cruises been?
  10. I'll be on the Pride in August, coming from Jersey so basically same route as you... From what I have been able to research, they typically start allowing cars to park around 11. But that usually is dependent on how fast the previous cruise disembarks and gets on their way. They won't open the parking lot until so many cars have already left.. I plan on leaving my house at 8am.
  11. In my health system, we use zebra TC 75 which run Android. I can't speak to the performance but when I configure them with our MDM, they run well.
  12. No you won't lose the adjustment you already got. That is now the price you paid and replaces your original rate.
  13. You just need to make sure that the current price of the cruise fare for the cabin category you booked doesn't negate the OBC. So if they now offer a $50 OBC but the price of the cabin is actually $75 more, you would actually lose $25. You can't just add the OBC without adjusting the cruise fare to the current rate.
  14. huh... i have asked this before and been told no. I think I asked this prior to actually being on the ship with a phone call to carnival. I guess now I know to just wait to get on the ship to get a real answer..
  15. No you cannot get extra cards just for the room as they do not have just door keys. The card is your room key and spending account. Yes you can limit their spending or block it all together.
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