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  1. From what I remember a lot of the bartenders just do straight pours into the shaker of all the liquors. Never seen a lot of measuring out so who knows how much is in there. Sometimes it is more than the glass holds and they keep it behind the bar and top me up after I have taken a few sips. I agree that most of the drinks are cocktails in a martini glass. I consider a real martini as gin with a vermouth bottle waved over it with either a twist or an olive, your preference. Mary Ann.
  2. I have never noticed more kids than usual. The kids you do see may be the younger than school age set. Mary Ann
  3. I had to call to book all the dining and entertainment for my NYE cruise. The only thing in my online summary is Choir of Man. Sounds like this is a website problem. I have all my confirmation emails and will be bringing printed copies on board with me. My Kinky Boots reservations are for 1/4 at 7:30. Mary Ann
  4. If you like seafood, Raw on 5 has good views on Edge. Also the MC is is parked there at certain times. If you want a lighter meal you may be able to dine reasonably without a dining credit. Or go at sailaway/sunset for an appetizer and a drink and eat later in the mdr. Mary Ann
  5. We usually eat in specialty restauants 3-4 times on a 7 day cruise and more on longer ones. I try to book the restaurants with the heavier menus in the beginning and save the lighter food for the end because we eat much more on a cruise than normally at home and by the end we just can’t handle a heavy dinner. We also usually eat in a specialty restaurant the last night as it is a way to relax and talk about our overall experiences on the cruise and gives us something to look forward to and cheer us up on the last night. I think LPC would be a great way to end a wonderful cruise. We book a later dining time so we are finished packing and can enjoy the last night. Also since we always book select dining and are not eating in the mdr very much and at different tables when we do, we really don’t develop a relationship with the wait staff. We just always leave our DSC in place and on the times we have received service above and beyond, we give the waiters something extra right then and there. Mary Ann
  6. Great place for wines by the glass not offered in other bars. We often stop by on the way to dinner to get a glass of wine to take into wherever we are eating that night. Have enjoyed their wine tasting seminars too. You order there with your drink package just like any other bar or lounge on the ship. Mary Ann
  7. Just an FYI. NCL’s new ship the Bliss has a totally enclosed casino smoking room for smokers. The rest of the casino, which is quite extensive, is smoke free. There is a bit of a smoke odor right next to the door going into the room, but no actual smoke. As far as I know, their new ship Encore will be the same. I will be on it for NYE. This is a big improvement. Mary Ann
  8. On our Edge New Years Cruise last year they showed up very early and then again closer to the cruise. Just keep checking. I checked about every other day. They can come and go quickly on certain cruises. Mary Ann
  9. They probably just brought back the rotating loop movies. I’ll bet the on demand movies are newer ones and cost more. Looks like I will be sticking with my downloads on my tablet from Netflix and Amazon Prime on my upcoming Equinox Cruise after all. Mary Ann
  10. If you use a TA make sure they don’t have any charges for cancellation or changes to your cruise. Most don’t, but some do. So ask ahead. We use an on line TA from the travel dept of a big box discount membership store. You can find their travel dept on line. Everything is done over the phone. They do a lot of cruise business for all cruise lines and we have been very satisfied. They usually either give us extra on board credit to use or a gift card to use at their stores worth a couple of hundred dollars. Their prices are the same as the cruise lines. Also check if your deposit is refundable. More and more cruiselines are starting to have non refundable deposits. The TA will explain the refund timeline schedule. Also highly recommend trip insurance which the TA can explain to you too. Tell them it is your first cruise so they go over everything a bit more slowly for you. Mary Ann
  11. Wow! That picture kind of brings it home. Glad I don’t do pool deck anymore. But neither do I do Laser Tag or Go Karts. The VR games might be a bit interesting, I shall see, but that could have easily been somewhere else on the ship. Happy they left my Spa and Waterfront pretty much intact. The non Vibe sun worshipers are not going to be happy campers, er cruisers. We will be in the Caribbean and I anticipate increased acrimony over lounges and the hogging of them. It will be interesting and may actually bring me onto the pool deck to check it out. Perhaps NCL could institute a Lounge Lottery for those who didn’t win the Vibe race. For only a dollar a ticket you can have the chance to win the use of a pool lounge chair for the entire day. You can do anything you want with it all day. If you want to leave just one flip flop on it for hours while you have lunch and do other activities, no problem, it’s all yours. A new revenue stream for Norwegian. I loved the Bliss and am very excited to be on Encore. I’m sure I will have a wonderful cruise, but then like I said, I don’t do pool deck. If you do pool deck then ymmv. Mary Ann
  12. Look at the restaurants you want to go to and their menus. Use your dining credits for the most expensive ones, usually the one price p/p ones. If there are some that you want to try that are ala carte then you may be able to dine in them for less if you pick choose just what you want. This happened to us on the Bliss. We were one dining credit shy of the number of restaurants that we wanted to go to. So I picked Q to go to without the credit. We went towards the end of the cruise when we were a bit more fooded out from all we had been eating. We ate a fairly large lunch so we weren’t starving. Since it was ala carte we ordered one appetizer to share and shared a combo platter and a couple of sides. We were too full for dessert after dinner, but got some coffee and a dessert later in the buffet before they closed. Our bill was very very reasonable. In fact we would not have been able to eat even enough to justify a dining credit. Mary Ann
  13. Yum! Will look for that! Mary Ann
  14. Can’t wait to see this show for the first time. Mary Ann
  15. It’s been almost a year since Cagneys (Bliss) and was at Chops this August(Symphony). I would say Chops wins but not by much. Mostly for the sides. Filet was ordered at both. I will be on the Encore in January so I will see if scale swings back the other way. One thing I liked about Chops was they still offer a baked potato as opposed to just mashed potatoes at Cagneys. Mary Ann
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