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  1. I am currently dealing with an upper respiratory infection that started 2 days before leaving the Equinox this past Saturday. I feel that coughing in the elevators is a big factor. Unfortunately I use a cane and can not use the stairs easily. This is not the first time I’ve gotten this on a ship. I am extremely diligent about hand washing and sanitizer. Washing or sanitizing as you enter will not help after you touch tongs, menus and salt and pepper shakers etc. I sanitize right before I handle any food item when on a cruise. I have never gotten noro but there is no escaping droplet contaminat
  2. On our Bliss Panama transit there were multiple port changes after final payment. Lack of tenders due to them being used by other cruise lines was one of the excuses going around. It seems like missed and changed ports seem to be a staple of NCL Panama cruises. Mary Ann
  3. They can probably tell through the ship’s system whether he put any drinks on his card. Although not 100 percent since he could have been drinking before he boarded or had a drink bought by someone else on the ship. They should look at the cards of the whole family. I would think he would have been blood tested for drugs and alcohol shortly after the accident, but I don’t know what the procedure is. Mary Ann
  4. Definitely not worth it to me to buy. We are not platinum, but I would not pay for what they give you. Mary Ann
  5. I have the premium plus for our Encore Cruise for NYE. I see the general description says bottles during dinner but the T& C says bottles while dining. I consider eating lunch to be dining and I believe the T & C small print trumps the general description. Mary Ann
  6. Can’t wait to hear some of the opinions on the taste. The pictures look wonderful. As far as I know the SDP works the same as any other ala carte restaurant on NCL. I have not heard of any upcharges. Unlike Ocean Blue which has upcharges for many items which people are reporting being covered with no upcharge for the same meal on other ships. Mary Ann
  7. If you go by the printed info, then it says bottles during dinner, in the small print it says bottles while dining. So I read that to mean anytime you are dining somewhere, technically you can order a bottle. Then I would guess it would come down to whether the venue you are in has the requested bottle. If they do have it I would expect to be able to bring it back to my cabin if not finished. Perhaps they would even let me bring it unopened. I plan to bring a champagne corker, a wine opener and a chiller bag with me. The small print also indicates anything by the glass up to 35.00. If I receiv
  8. We have upgraded for the Encore NYE. If no more VC will be getting a refund. Mary Ann
  9. It was not up charged on a recent Escape Bayamo dinner. See the Escape Bayamo thread. Bayamo changed from Cuban food to the same menu as Ocean Blue. I’m sure all the upcharges will be coming soon to an Ocean Blue near you. For your convenience of course. Mary Ann
  10. The up charge may change. On the live review by Dougout on the Encore there are upcharges for the Tiger shrimp cocktail, the crab cake, the surf and turf and the cold water lobster in Ocean Blue. And the amounts are not insignificant. The menu is virtually the same as Bayamo. Mary Ann
  11. We had the same problem back on our NYE cruise on Edge. I had read that it was because the ship was so new that they were excessively locking them for every little thing. Supposedly that had stopped because they had more experience of the ship now. Evidently not. I know there were complaints about it after our cruise. Mary Ann
  12. Sea Bands and ginger chews. Also the green apples. If all else fails. Bonine generic which should be available free in from the med center or GS. It’s non drowsy and you can drink. Mary Ann
  13. We were on the Edge in an IV last NYE and your reactions to the ship and cabin are very similar to ours. We loved the IV cabin and also kept the doors open. I liked the extra space it gave with the option to open the window when wanted. We also had the dining room rotation in the same time slot along with various specialty restaurants booked. Looking forward to hearing the rest of your opinions as the cruise progresses. Mary Ann
  14. Have a GREAT cruise. Will be following closely. Will be on her for NYE. Mary Ann
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