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  1. I have been on both and crowding has never been an issue except pool days at sea. Freedom class are still my favorite
  2. understood... I left on a Friday too and didn't arrive until Monday
  3. ah.... was going off our holiday cruise which took 2 days to get down there leaving on a Friday. Guess they can make it in one at fully speed.
  4. I see she is in Port Canaveral a day early. Maybe getting the fix now?
  5. They will be able to pull your info up at the terminal
  6. thoughts and prayers for sure. looks like you are still doing 22kts with still some time to get there
  7. I second the welcome! Just curious, does that $700 include all of their fees? seat charge, carry on, luggage, etc....I heard they are charing to go to the bathroom now! lol
  8. We had a group of 16 on our last cruise. While I agree with Clarea, you can also have your dinner reservations linked together. That should eliminate any issue (assuming they do it correctly :-)) . Ours were linked in the system but didn't make it to the ship. Dining Staff was very flexible and worked everything out.
  9. This is as close as you will get on the Anthem unfortunately IMG_0233.HEIC
  10. As one who had 2 promenade rooms in Aug and 1 room in Dec, agree, 2 bathrooms all day long!! Doesn't matter what ship!!
  11. Ah, gone are the days when those cruise docs came in the mail.... back when the "doc dance" was a thing! LOL
  12. 2 different experiences. I was on the refurbished Mariner over the summer. Voyager/Freedom class still my favorite class but, they can only spit and shine so much. Public areas were in great shape (Mariner) and the addition of water slides and skypad was cool but rooms weren't touched. Harmony is "latest and greatest" for what that's worth. Booked on it myself for Dec '19..Oh wait, it's 2019 already.... smh
  13. Was on Deck 11 as well. Didn't seem to notice a lot of traffic. Just pointing out if you wanted to be close. Most people took front elevators to access that part of the ship.
  14. Agree with all 23 pages of comments.... Wife had second thoughts on all 4 of us in a balcony cabin. On a last month's holiday cruise (AOS) bid on a Jr Suite. Moved the bid needle to strong (was still less than retail). No dice. I knew it wasn't going to happen because the time of year but gave it a shot. Off peak probably = upgrade.
  15. One other thing, Adventure Ocean is on deck 11/12
  16. Hi I'd say any balcony from 8-10 mid ship would be good, away from the elevators...3 decks up from the Royal Esplanade and far enough down from the pool deck.
  17. Look for the really big ship!!! LOL Enjoy your cruise!!
  18. nope.... bring your own all straws are now cardboard
  19. Depends what you are looking for. A connecting room is always convenient.. Two bathrooms!!
  20. In St Maarten, take a ride to Maho Beach. Cool experience next to the airport
  21. At $120 per head to get in plus additional charge for dining options (not typical BBQ)..... the future is here
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