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  1. Thank you so much for posting the pool bar menu. Not thrilled though that they have raised prices 150%! :mad: This is just forcing cruisers to buy a package. I don't drink enough to pay for even the premium package but now I must pay for those that drink over the premium package price. We have paid quite a chunk of change so far between flights, deluxe balcony, 3 restaurant reservations and 4 port tours. This trip is going to end up being our most expensive by far at the rate things are going. I would prefer that RCCL stop nickel and diming everything and include it in the total price of the cruise. I still will enjoy every second of this cruise but will make sure to be very aware of charges to our onboard account. The spa might need to be out on this cruise :p
  2. The drink package can also be purchased if there are 4 or more days left in the cruise. I was thinking about doing just that as our last three days are at sea.
  3. I see all of the specialty drinks listed on menus being $12-14 dollars. My question, what are the drink prices like at the pool bar? I drink margaritas and on other RCCL ships the price has been between $6.50-$8.25. Are there any "drinks of the day" being served and what is the price point? Thanks for taking the time to post - great information for future cruisers! :)
  4. Thanks for posting this. We are using a guide for the Vatican as well and I was wondering whether we would need to pay them separately!
  5. We tried Portofino's on our last cruise for my birthday. I was not impressed at all. I would not pay again for something that I could get in the MDR for free. The food in the MDR is good and as another poster stated, there are dishes that I would not normally eat at home. Although, I do make Vidalia Onion Tart at home now! :)
  6. This sounds like a terrific tour - I wish we had of taken something with a cooking class built in! Not that I needed any more food! :p
  7. When we were on the Destiny a few years back, my sister bought the cookbook just for the West Indian Pumpkin soup. When she saw the servings were for 100 people, she asked our waiter to ask the chef to cut down the recipe. The chef did it with no problem!
  8. You can buy just the book for $3.95: http://www.carnival.com/BonVoyage/AddToCart.aspx?cat=Gourmet+Delights&pid=633
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