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  1. kasil

    Carnival Legend in Juneau

    We'll be there May 24, 2018, which id a Thursday. If says FKL. Any way to find out which berth?
  2. kasil

    Carnival Legend in Juneau

    Does Carnival Legend use the same dock every time? Which one?
  3. kasil

    Forgot to pack but Wish you did for Alaska Cruise

    One more hijack :D- aknursemom Check out continuingeducation.net and CMEatsea.org. They both offer all kinds of CME cruises.
  4. I'll be cruising Alaska the end of May and have a whale watch booked for my stop in Juneau. I have a rain coat that covers my hips and I'm planning to wear thermals under jeans and water proof hiking shoes. How wet will my legs get - do I really need rain pants that I'll probably never wear again? Would carrying a dry pair of pants be enough? The next stop on the excursion is the Mendenhall Glacier so there would be a warm place to change. Thanks for the advice.
  5. You could also do a web search for "CME cruise" (continuing medical education). They CME cruises that I've been on had over 50 attendees and met in a good sized conference room. That might help you narrow down the list of possibilities.
  6. kasil

    tip the owner?

    I have two private tour excursions set up where the tour company owner will be our tour guide. I generally give a tip to the guide and anyone else directly involved in giving the tour, but I've never been in this situation before. What's your opinion on tipping the owner?
  7. kasil

    Anytime dining Vista??

    Having the check-in area somewhere other than right outside the dining room prevents a lot of congestion in the small lobby area outside the dining room. Instead of walking all the way to the dining room and then spending any wait time in a small area, you walk part way to the dining room, stop at the check-in desk for your table assignment in a more open area than the dining room lobby and then walk the rest of the way to the dining room when your table is ready. At most, having the check-in on deck 5 and the dining room on deck 3 on Vista made my walk 2-3 minutes longer. The longest line was at the check-in desk - 3 or 4 parties ahead of me. The longest wait was 5-10 minutes, and that was during the "busy" time. Most of the time there was no wait at all.
  8. My cabin on Vista had two USB ports for charging electronics. You probably won't need the power strip unless you need power for a lot of other things at the same time. The room lights had a timer that will turn everything off unless there is a card in the slot. I used an old gift card and just left it there the entire cruise. There was a little nightlight on the wall near the bathroom door and the sign about life jackets was glow in the dark, so it was never completely dark in the cabin even though it was an interior. There is a clock on the phone. We used our phone for a wake up alarm. Just be careful if you change time zones. Your phone may automatically change but the ship might not. We stayed in the same time zone on our southern Caribbean trip so no problems then. I took everything on your list and didn't use any of it. I didn't need the hooks because there were only two of us and not much to hang up. The Carnival Hub app lists everything that is going on and you can add things to your favorites list. You'll get a notification when things on the list are due to happen. Just be sure that you have the most recent app. I downloaded it a few months before the cruise and when I tried to use the chat feature, it wouldn't work until I updated the app. The only other thing that I wouldn't travel without is my first aid kit. It doesn't take up much space and isn't very heavy. You can get everything in it on board and in port, but at a much higher cost. I take it on land trips too. It's handy to have everything in one place. It contains Tylenol, ibuprofen, decongestant, non-sedating antihistamine (like Zyrtrec), anti-diarrheal (like Imodium), Pepto pills, TUMS, sea sickness pills (like Bonine), band aids, hydrocortisone cream and antibiotic cream. For cruises I add sun screen and aloe lotion for when I forget to reapply the sunscreen. Don't forget to plan to have a good trip and then follow your plan.
  9. kasil

    Vista proposal!!

    If you want something more private, you could arrange something at one of the specialty restaurants. FWIW, the current cruise director on Vista is Schwartz. I'm sure he would be helpful.
  10. kasil

    Miami hotel Sept 23, 2017

    Thanks for the quick replies. With all of the flooding I was going to call and check on the hotel where I had a room reserved, and I found an email indicating I had cancelled. Not sure how that happened, but now I have to start looking again. Your input will be very helpful.
  11. I need a hotel room for 2 people on 9/22/17. What part of Miami has been least affected by Irma?
  12. What part of Miami should I look in for a hotel for 9/22/17? I thought I had a reservation but somehow I cancelled it accidentally ;p.
  13. kasil

    AARP gift cards and ?

    I think you probably need to take different quizzes. But that shouldn't be a problem, there are lots to choose from. If you don't pass the first try, it's easy to pass the second try because they gave you all of the answers the first time.
  14. Not sure this helps, but I checked my documents for my cruise on Vista in September. The luggage tags clearly say FTTF but the only thing I can find on the individual boarding pass for each person is a bar code, nothing in writing. I'm guessing FTTF is coded in the bar code or connected to the booking number. If that's the case, I think you'd be fine arriving at different times since the boarding passes are individual. But that's purely a guess.:D
  15. kasil

    Four Adults in Legend OV?

    Thanks everyone. My daughter needs to have some light or she gets claustrophobic. I had forgotten about the bathroom arrangement. Decided on 2 4Ks.