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  1. Back in the day, before AI, the main benefit was the Elite Happy Hour. We would collect our tiny coupons voraciously and carry them around all day til the clock struck 5 and we could begin imbibing! Although we were given three coupons, there always seemed to be someone with extras to share. My DH, for example, doesn't drink alcohol. So there was always someone willing to buy him a diet coke and them use his coupon for one last appletini! Those were fun days. We used to have 20+ people gathered at the Sunset Bar every afternoon. I'm sure other cruisers thought we were obnoxious hogging all those seats but we sure had a great time! Many of us are booked on the upcoming Apex TA--I seriously cannot wait!
  2. Oh I have a good one! Our first transatlantic cruise quite a few years ago we were on Eclipse, I believe. You know how those S class ships have the two banks of glass elevators facing each other. Well, there were two young “ladies” aboard who apparently had been partying heartily, and around 2 AM they decided it would be fun to go “go go” dancing topless in the elevators. Security was called but apparently they had a hard time tracking the girls down as they kept changing elevators while displaying their wares. Eventually they were apprehended, however, and given a good scolding and then confined to their cabin. Unfortunately for them, this was the first night of a transatlantic voyage, and we didn’t reach land until six days later. They were confined to their cabin that entire time with a guard sitting outside to make sure they didn’t leave! When we arrived in Ponta Delgada, they were escorted off the ship and that was the end of their ‘vacation’!!
  3. I have done that. No response. . .Why is it ridiculously hard to change? Once I've logged in, I should be able to change my details easily.
  4. Sorry for starting a new topic but I have followed the instructions in the pinned post and have had no response. The email address you have on file for me is from a job I left in 2010! PLEASE let me update so I can access CC from newer devices and receive updates! Thank you!!
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