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  1. In the beverage packages it says premium coffee and tea. Does this mean espressos, lattes, macchiato, cappuccino, etc.? I know that there's a coffee card for premium coffees.
  2. We booked our cruise and there's a waiting list for open dining and early and late available. We've been cruising with NCL and always go for anytime dining. We've never been on a ship this large so I was wondering if Anytime dining becomes available and we take it is there a problem getting in or having to wait in line? Can you make reservations each day for dinner? On NCL they allow you to go to the MDR the same day and reserve seating for Anytime Dining. I'm also wondering if we'd be better off just doing assigned seating. Normally, we do eat early, 5pm, but vacation time is different if you're out on a shore excursion or even just eating lunch later. A lot of times we'd be coming back from a shore excursion and running into people going to dinner and we were glad we didn't have early dining. Thanks for your help!
  3. That's how it's looking! They're classifying the cabins with the stars right next to us a 1A. We're a 2A. There were only 4 cabins on the 8th deck as 2A.
  4. I thought it might be because it accommodates more???
  5. Thank you! I think we lucked out! We're right beside one with the star. The ones with the stars are $238. more!
  6. What about the placement of the bed? Do they alternate for the bed near the balcony door?
  7. Great! Better yet, then we can go there, too.
  8. Thanks for the picture! I couldn't imagine how this type of cabin would look like with the balcony and view. Is this area all open to the outside or is there a roof over it?
  9. Thank you! I'm very glad to hear that! Our preferred location is as close to the elevators as we can get and we never had a problem. This is our first time on the Oasis Class Ships.
  10. That was going to be my question about noise from the elevators. We just booked deck 8 on the port side mid-forward right by the elevators. I hope I made a good choice!
  11. Thank you for everyone's input! Port or Starboard as far as convenience or noise? Cabin 8208 or 8606 and there's a few cabins on each side.
  12. We're looking at the Oasis deck 8 balcony mid-ship aft maybe closer to the elevators. Has anyone experienced any problems with the location?
  13. If the cruise gets cancelled after final payment due to Covid, do we get our money back from RCCL? We're trying to get our son and gf to go and they have never cruised before and I want to give them the bad with the good. Example....missing ports, bad weather, cabins, etc. Sorry if this has been asked but I tried looking through some of the threads. Thanks!
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