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  1. I envy you being in Venice!!! I know how you're feeling with a grouchy husband! I felt the same way in the British Islands Cruise. He's lucky there are railings on the decks!😆 Yes, I do need to pack light and limit it to a checked bag since I have a stopover on the way to the cruise. It shouldn't be a problem since it's the Caribbean and NCL. I will have eliminate some of the "what if" items that I usually pack. I will need to get caught up in the excitement of the cruise to make the time go faster for the 4 wks. of radiation. Thank God I'm not that far! You have a wonderful time in Venice! Are you going on a cruise on just land? Be safe and thank you!
  2. Thank you so much! I could use the prayers!!!
  3. Well, guys, I did it! I took the plunge and booked the cruise today and my airfare! I was able to use free miles for my air. I feel like a weight was lifted from my shoulders! I talked to my radiation team the other day and they see no reason not to go! My treatment should be completed about Oct 16th. Hopefully, all will go as planned. If not, I'm purchasing insurance. I told my dh tonight at supper when we were discussing our sons birthday that's on Nov 9. My dh said that we could head to his place that Sat. I told him that I'll already be there because I'll get back from my cruise on Nov 8th and I'll Uber it to our son's house from the airport. I think he was in shock that I went ahead and booked! I'll be laying on a beach or getting served my meals on the cruise and he'll be home alone for 2 weeks! The man is never alone here and never has to get his own meals! Maybe he'll love it! Either way, I need this vacation and I'll hope for the best that no hurricanes come our way! I just wanted to report back here and thank everyone for their support!
  4. I have never had a flu shot or the flu, so I hear you! I didn't consider that with my resistance being low and flying and being on a ship! I'll be 64 next week, so, no "spring chicken" either!
  5. Thank you! Yes, I've spent all summer agonizing over decisions about my cancer. Who and where to go to. 3 different opinions at 3 different hospitals. Then, what to have done, mastectomy or lumpectomy. That's over with except for the radiation which I'll start within 2 weeks, I think. If the doctors would say that I could delay radiation, I might, if it were only for a few weeks. The return of the cruise is Nov 8 and that's 2 months away. I just want to try to get all of it over with. I will do some research on that, though! I hope your friend will do ok and will enjoy Alaska! You do need some energy to climb the glaciers!
  6. I am so glad that your dh is treating you good now and admitted that he was wrong and spoiled your trip! I, too, am the one that does the planning, and arranging and I do get his approval for the trips. He knows that I do a lot of work for them and he doesn't even like to talk about them until a week before! You know that by then everything has to be done! He's enjoyed many cruises to Europe, Hawaii, Caribbean, etc. and all he has to do is show up and maybe carry a bag or 2! Yeah, this isn't a cold and very emotionally devastating and I haven't come to terms with it yet. Forums are such a great tool for whatever you're going through and I do look for them for support! It helps that other people have the same problem and any question is answered openly. Just like here! Everything doesn't always go smoothly when trying to plan vacations and everyone isn't happy-go-lucky and has their own issues that are on this forum. It's a great help, not only for cruise questions, but emotional support, like breast cancer. We're not alone with our problems! Thank you for your help and best of luck to you with your health, too!
  7. In my heart, I know that you and others here are right about going somewhere later. I hate to wait until we're into the winter and no matter when a cruise is, there always could be a weather related problem. The end of Oct. could be hurricanes/storms. November is a busy month for us to get away. I've been looking at a cruise that goes out of NY on Dec. 1, so no flying! I think I do need something to look forward to after going through this! I can't believe how fast the time went since I was diagnosed in May!
  8. My dh is one of those guys that don't sit in the house to often! I live a pretty quiet life and I make dinner nearly every night and serve, clean up for him and our mothers that are both 87 yrs old! If I don't go away, I won't get a break! Even the day of surgery I was doing it! I know, I should've played the cancer card and stayed in bed for 2 weeks! The truth is, it hurts more now then it did right after! I'm glad to hear there's others out there like him and women that'll go without them!
  9. I think this is the case with my BIL, too! He has even said to her that her and I should just go. I admire him for doing and travelling when he does because he's not 100% well, with several health and mobility problems. My ds doesn't trust him to be alone at home because he tends to forget to turn things off! If I go, it gets her off his back to come to the shows or do other things! Yes, life is to short and there's still places I'd like to cruise to see them! I'd rather see them with dh!
  10. You are pretty write with what you said, except, this past yr. he said that he'd go as long as my sister and her husband didn't go. I hate that I had to hurt my sister feelings and told her that we wanted to go alone. She didn't take it well and accused me of planning it that way. I smoothed things out with her in time and they did go on a different cruise. I didn't book this cruise without hubby's approval! The yr prior to that cruise, you are correct! My brother in laws health changed and he'd rather stay in his cabin and sleep and he just wasn't the fun guy he was in younger years! My sister mostly stuck by me and it gave dh a chance to just do what he wanted to. I was in the middle and I'm still in the middle! That is why I wouldn't feel that bad if I did go alone. I wouldn't have to worry about him being happy! Let me just say, that he has no problem leaving me alone and going off with his friends when we're at home! You are also right, again! I am still in the state of shock! It's still and unbelievable diagnosis and I'm just doing what I have to do to get this over with, only, it won't ever be over!
  11. Congratulations on being 4 yrs cancer free! It's something that will be hanging there the rest of our lives! I don't visit doctors often, just check-ups, but this will be a new kind of life for me! I was faithful with getting my mammograms and this past May, like you said, the rest is history! Your story sounds like mine! We didn't have a fight out loud on the past cruise, we just didn't talk much and he just acted miserable! I was planning the divorce in my head on our return! I'm 3 weeks post-op and will most likely start radiation in less then 2 weeks. I'll cross my fingers with being done mid Oct. I'm glad you 2 are still together and he still sails with you! We have been to a lot of countries in Europe and dh always enjoyed them and with our travel buddies (sister and brother in law) and we had a ball in earlier yrs. My husband isn't retired yet. He's eligible next March but not sure if her will. My boss died more then 10 yrs ago at 57 and I kind of retired after our daughter died! Best of luck to you with your continued good bill of health! I enjoyed you reply! I didn't know there were so many miserable hubby's like mine out there!
  12. From what I'm seeing with the travel policies, some have a 10 day grace period and some it's 21 days. I've always booked our cruises way ahead of 2 months prior and usually buy the insurance within the grace period. You just never know what the insurance is going to consider "pre-existing"! We book with the intention of going and it's always sad when you can't go either for illness or death of a loved one! I'm not clear at all on some of the credit cards that offer travel insurance. I get the insurance for trip interruption or if you have to be medically evacuated. I'd love if someone hear knew more about it to post it!
  13. Yes, I would definitely get the pre-existing conditions on the policy. I never bought one with "no reason" cancellation. Don't they only give you a portion of the cost back and it is more costly to purchase? I would only cancel if it was medically necessary and I would hope that my 2 oncologists would back me up on it. I think I had to cancel a cruise about 3 times over 20 yrs. First time it was back problems. The second time for my dad's sudden death and the 3rd time for the very sudden death of our young daughter, who was going with us that time. I never had a problem with the insurance and would never travel without it!
  14. I do appreciate the "chime in's and to hear of what could happen with the unknown. My nephew is getting married on Oct 19. He's my godchild, too. The wedding is a couple hrs by air. I don't know if I could do it. That will be, if the estimate is right, the last week of radiation. I've heard that at the middle and end is when you're most likely to feel the fatigue or tiredness. We are not rich people and losing a few hundred dollars really counts! I hate to disappoint anyone and I'd feel awful to not be there, but I can't help it. The cruise is Oct 27. If my dh is dead set against going on a cruise completely and not just flying, then this would be my only chance to go and meet my sister and spend time with her. Of course, if I am still doing radiation or very fatigued, it wouldn't be worth it. Typically, this is when we travel, in Oct. It's our 45th wedding anniversary this Oct. and I really do wish we could go. I'd be open to go in Nov. in a different cruise and I said this to my sister. She got a little pissed at me and said that I shouldn't book something at the time frame of their cruise, but, book something when they'd be able to go with us! I thought to myself, well geez, what about me! I'm the one going through this! Sorry for the long story and the family drama!!! They do usually cruise with us and it's one of the couple times a yr that we see each other, in her defense. They have the money to travel a few times a yr. We do not! Once a yr for us and I'm grateful for that! DRAMA!!!
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