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  1. Thanks for the information. We get on the Allure tomorrow!!! Our 87th cruise, first time on the Allure. Have been on the Oasis when it was new. We are celebrating Priscilla's 71st Birthday!!! John & Priscilla :)
  2. We are going to be on the Allure (4-16) and are so looking forward to our cruise. We have been on 86 cruises before and have been on the Oasis once before in 2010. Enjoyed it very much. We always thoroughly enjoy our cruises on small and big ships!! John F :)
  3. Does anyone know about the location of Table #450 (Table for 2) on deck four of the Allure?? Many thanks for any help. John F
  4. Yes!!! We always order anything we want and have never been turned in 9 previous visit through the years!!! John F:)
  5. Yes!!! Please post the daily papers!!! We leave in 37 days on the Allure!! Thanks so much. John & Priscilla:)
  6. Sorry to of your very unfortunate troubles. We are going to be on the Allure (4-16-17) and hope we don't have as many problems as you guys. Looking forward to the rest of your review. John & Priscilla
  7. We will also be following you on the Allure for the 4-16-17 sailing. Looking forward to your postings. Many thanks!!! John F:)
  8. Just curious, does anyone know what deck is used to disembark from in Port Everglades? Thanks. John F
  9. We have been to Nachi Cocum 9 previous times and have always had a terrific day. We are going back in April (Allure)!!! You will not go wrong here!!! John F :)
  10. Love the updates on the Allure!! We will be on her in 48 days (4-16)!!! Yippee!! :)
  11. Did you bring back the daily Compass papers??? We are going on the Allure (4-16) and would love to see them. Thanks!! John
  12. John F

    Wine in Falmouth

    Can you purchase a bottle of wine in the shops at the Falmouth port area? Many thanks.
  13. Many thanks for the information!! John F :)
  14. We just booked the Allure to day for April 16. Can I get the select beverage package and do both people in the stateroom have to get the drink package. Many thanks for any information. John F
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