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  1. They all have spaghetti straps. The striped ones for excursion days are cotton, the others are synthetic (travel well). I prefer those to shorts on excursions as I usually have to wear pain patches on my left leg and I prefer to keep it covered up. Plus, they are very comfortable! The cruise is still over a year out and I may change my mind about which dresses for excursions, but it will still be dresses.
  2. I'm a list freak. Extremely organized. Borderline anal about it. But it works! Anyway, I create a spreadsheet and specify (1) what I'll wear during the day (swim suit or shorts & tank top at sea VS a casual cotton maxi dress for excursion days (I only do bus tours as I can't do a lot of walking) and (2) what I'll wear in the evening (dressy maxi dresses). I make sure that I will wear everything twice. I send out my laundry to be done half-way through.. Enough workout sports bras, shorts, shirts, socks for half the cruise. See attached.
  3. UPDATE: Sorry, I should have mentioned that I will only be doing "bus tour" types of sight-seeing excursions, as I have a bad leg and cannot do a lot of walking. I will not be doing any beach excursions. Waterproof is just in case of rain.
  4. After using a canvas zippered totebag for excursions on my prior cruises, I have decided it's time to invest in a good medium sized daypack. Any recommendations? I would bring my Samsung galaxy 7x5 tablet, cell phone, a lens to swap out for my DSLR camera plus extra camera batteries and memory cards, a small zippered meds bag, sunblock, a small towel, and my small crossbody purse containing my wallet, copy of passport, chapstick, extra sunglasses, tiny umbrella, bug spray, and a few other small essentials. Had anyone used a daypak with a built-in combination lock? I'll be cruising solo and won't have anyone to watch my back for thieves. If you have recommendations, please include a link to them. Waterproof with an outside pock for a water bottle I will be wearing a sun-protective sunhat and wearing my camera around my neck. Thank you!
  5. Interesting to read these posts; I have only cruised twice so far - with my then 14- yr old son in 2007 and with my mother in 2010. I am going solo in Nov 2020 on Breeze for 8 nights, and can't wait! I am 60, divorced, and very independent. If I don't have a friend or date to go somewhere I want to (movie, concert, restaurant, etc) I am very comfortable going solo I will probably try NCL's solo cabin (the Haven?) as well in the future
  6. Is the gym open 24/7? If not, what are the hours?
  7. Don't forget: Holiday - Madonna Celebration - Kool & the Gang Cool change - Little River Band My Spotify playlist currently has 182 songs! Look for michtrue on spotify, I made it public
  8. Yes thanks I’m probably going to get a couple of more memory cards - and I actually do have six batteries and two chargers.If I’m ever out and have gone through all of my batteries in a day, that I using my iPhone to take pictures and videos .. I have a couple of backup chargers for it that I always carry with me when I travel
  9. I decided I will bring my Canon Rebel T5 and my regular and 70x300 mm lenses after all. I would ultimately hate myself if I had such a good camera but didn't bring it along to get the best possible photos, including closeups, on a cruise. I have two 32gig memory cards and I just bought an SD card reader so I can copy all my photos to my iphone (128 gig hard drive), so plenty of room to use it as a backup
  10. 🤩I am more concerned with zooming in close, than I am about getting a "wide" perspective. and I want to spend $500 or less. I love my dslr but would prefer to not have to switch lenses all the time. .
  11. How can I change my username? I want it to be MichelleT1959
  12. Once you have received enough answers to a topic, how can you close it from getting any more responses? There needs to be a way to make them read only at one point,
  13. Thanks; I appreciate all your answers. I don't like doing my own laundry or pressing clothes on vacation, and I don't like to spray stuff on my clothes that has a fragrance. I will add the cost of pressing my maxi dresses into my cruise budget.
  14. Does anyone know the current cost to have a dress pressed or steamed on Breeze? I think I'd rather pay than being a steamer
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