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    Celebrity Century for Honeymooners?

    Hi, My fiancé and I are going on Celebrity Century for our Honeymoon in October, I am worried that we rushed into making this decision…have you decided whether or not you are going on a cruise? Thanks!
  2. SuzieandChris

    Celebrity Century West. Med. Cruise..Yes or No??

    Thanks so much for your input! We are leaving out of Barcelona on Oct. 10 for ten days...I am concerned about activities on the boat, the atmosphere (young, old, family), crowds, etc...??
  3. My fiancé and I are thinking about going on a Celebrity (Century) Cruise for our Honeymoon. We are looking a the 10 nights in the Western Mediterranean…we would love to get some feedback (both positive and negative) before putting down a deposit. Thanks! p.s….this would be our first cruise ever!!:o