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  1. Before the ships stopped going there I went for a massage every time I was there. The best ever! Can't remember where it was. Also don't know if it's still there. Does anyone have any information. It was a big place with lots of massages, pedicures etc. We had to go in a cab.
  2. Has anyone done the America's Cup Regatta. Do you have to be part of the crew? If you don't do people get upset? I've always wanted to do this but I'm not as agile as I used to be. Not sure I can move as much as needed for this.
  3. Try Viator. I have used in other ports and have been looking at for Rome
  4. Is this on Royal? If so go to Royal's web site and click on already booked at top. Go to your cruise personalizer and purchase beverage package, speciality dining, show reservations etc. don't need to book through travel agent
  5. I'll be cruising on the Harmony next week and I'm thinking of booking the Chef's Table. Has anyone done this on the Harmony? If so what days do they have it? Did you book before boarding the ship? How many do they allow at the dinner?
  6. Too bad all you are basing your decision on only the drink package. So much more to a Royal cruise to consider. Have done both NCL & RCCl. NCL would have to be free before I chose over RCCL any destination any ship. No comparison!
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