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  1. Anything that doesn't depend on the alcohol for the flavor (ie. tequila). Anthing that normally just has vodka or rum tastes virtually the same!
  2. I did my first aft balcony (1200) on Equinox in March. Honestly, I missed the view from a side balcony and decided I'd rather get my aft view from a public area. Just my opinion. FYI 1200 is a great cabin for quiet. There is a door in the hallway to let you into a little lobby for 1200 and the last suite on the side. Absolutely NO hallway traffic noise.
  3. I have a video from two summers ago when a Taquan plane landed between our ship and the shore. Seemed a bit tight to me to land there rather than on the outside of us.
  4. Just curious but did your booking include flights from USA? I'm also thinking about P&O as a change from Princess, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. The slightly more formal atmosphere sounds fun (as does Indian food). Pete from Michigan
  5. Got to agree with most of the points. We were on the Equinox in March before she headed to Spain for drydock. My seafood hating wife thought the MDR food was better on Celebrity. I was happy too. I did really miss the wrap around promenade deck. Especially if it was an Alaska cruise. We did Alaska Voyage of the Glaciers and being on the bow on the promenade deck was a great viewing spot. Yes the steaks in the buffet are cooked to order but at 1/2" thick it's hard to get medium rare.
  6. So sad to hear it was Randy who was the other pilot. Michelle at Island Wings had nothing but good things to say about him when we flew with her.
  7. I believe it's all Concierge class and above?
  8. I loved the coffee in Al Bacio (but I will admit I never order Americano). I had cappuccino, Mocha, espresso and frappe and they were all great! The swill in the buffet was undrinkable in my opinion.
  9. We were just in 1200 on Equinox, our first (and last) aft facing balcony. While I did enjoy the aft view, I missed the side view more. I'll get my aft view fix in the public areas next time.
  10. Flip side is I paid for our flights in full when I booked our cruise since the cruise payment was due. Was a mistake because I couldn't change them without a $200/ticket change fee. Ended up just sweating through a same day flight arriving at 1140 for a 330 sailing, I would have changed to the day before if I could have.
  11. They were very popular last week on the Equinox!
  12. We were on Equinox last week and Erin (one of the glass blowers) said they were adding a furnace during the retro fit to allow two passengers at a time to blow. Should double their capacity to handle passengers.
  13. Since this will see lots of views on GenX's review, we REALLY enjoyed The Cardinals all week. Great tunes to dance to all week!
  14. petefoss

    Xplor park????

    CELEBRITY CANCELLED ON US! Found out when we got on board. So disappointing. I guess we'll just have to go back to Cozumel to a resort someday!
  15. Plus the room phone will stay on ships time if it isn't the same as shore.
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