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  1. I know it’s a lot of sudden changes for NCL, but does anyone have any idea what might happen with this cruise? It’s a 5 day cruise from LA to Vancouver with a stop to San Francisco. From what i’m reading here, i don’t think they can change the final destination to Seattle for example because the ship wouldn’t have went to a foreign port, am i right? And i think the purpose of this voyage was to bring the ship to Vancouver for the start of the Alaskan cruises. Any idea when i will ear something from NCL? thanks for any input you can give me
  2. Like I said in another post, i'm new to NCL. I've been reading constantly in the last few days, and there is one thing for which I can't find an answer, and it's about the Savor and the Taste dining rooms. I've looked at reviews, I've seen menus for every restaurant, but I can't find anything for those "restaurants". Do they offer the same menu as the Manhattan main dining room? Or do they offer something else all together?
  3. Thank you so much to the both of you, I really appreciate it!
  4. Hello, I have about 15 cruises down my belt (Carnival, RCL, Disney), but the NCL Joy will be my first NCL cruise. I'm doing a 5 days cruise from LA to Vancouver. I just did my online check-in, and in the dining options, it gives me all the options to make reservations for each night (paid venues and complimentary venues). What I don't understand is do I really have to pre-book the complimentary venues? I thought the concept of my-time dining was not having to worry about when and where I will eat, but will I be stuck to the buffet if I don't pre-book it? Or can I just show up
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