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  1. Cruzntime

    NCL Epic passenger overboard?

    Kudos to all involved in this successful rescue.
  2. Cruzntime

    NCL Epic passenger overboard?

    Thank you for the update. I hope she is recovering well.
  3. I’m hearing a person jumped overboard from the Epic tonight. Anyone else have information? If true, I pray they are rescued.
  4. Thanks for hooking me up Tim. For me this was a very informative thread. :D
  5. Big thanks for the tip Ken!
  6. Big thank you Bob!!
  7. Thank you very much for the tip Bob. So that I have a better understanding, I have a couple of more questions if you don't mind. I'm assuming one can only choose cash or credit card account initially, not both, correct? If my assumption is correct and I pull $500 cash on day one, for example, am I done for the week or can I go to Guest Services and ask for my balance to be settled with x credit card and then subsequently continue with additional daily cash withdrawals throughout the week as long as I don't exceed a $500 balance?
  8. As always, there are some great tips on here. I like the cash account idea but I'm not quite sure how to set it up or it's used. I'm assuming one has to put money on the Seapass Account to have any funds available, correct?? Setting up a cash account sounds like the best way to avoid paying a fee in the casino and getting all of your OBC but I'm trying to avoid traveling with substantial cash. Are there any recommendations to have access to cash while on board without accruing fees in the casino or having cash advance fees on the credit card?
  9. Cruzntime

    What did you do on Curacao?

    Hi cruiseapril, this is our first time to Curacao. Are there cost associated with transportation and access to Blue Bay? It sounds like you did a lot for one day. Any advice is appreciated.
  10. Wow, I love my Cruise Critic comrades. I did not imagine getting such informative replies when I opened this thread but the information you all have provided is impressive. We were blessed, I think, by getting a great cabin and after reading your posts I am even more excited now about this ship and itinerary. Thank you all very much for the information. Chris
  11. We have always cruised the larger ships - Mariner being the smallest. We really like the Royal Promenade for evening socials and people watching. I hear many say they really like the Radiance class but this is so different from what we're accustomed. For those that have experienced Radiance class (for us the Jewel) and the bigger ships, what are your thoughts. Please let me know how you felt going from the big ship to the smaller ones. Thanks in advance, Chris
  12. Cruzntime

    Just back from Allure 5/27 Sailing

    [quote name='ryano']Isnt it just amazing how opinions so vastly differ from one cruiser to the next! :confused: :p[/quote] [COLOR=DarkOrange]We had a good time overall. (In comparison to OUR previous cruises) Main dinning room - food cool to warm but mostly cool, service slow >2hours nightly Stateroom attendant - adequate other than towel animals. Windjammer - Adequate, no real complaints. Pool areas - crowded but expected. Get there early if you have a group you want to set together. Chops - My steak was not good but wife's was. Samba Grill - just okay. Shows - Impressive and entertaining. (Book shows online as soon as available) Ritas - Not bad but would not make it as a stand alone restaurant in my town. Bartenders - lacking service (even tipping big didn't work) and drink quality was really hit or miss. Crowd - just like any city, be prepared to wait during rush hour (dinner, etc) if you roll with the crowd. Diamond lounge in Blaze - lacking Etc. Let me know if there is anything in particular you're interested in that I have not mentioned. [/COLOR]
  13. Cruzntime

    American Express Platinum/Black Card

    Mademypoint, it sounds like condolences are at hand here. Sorry for your loss. Chris Cruzntime.
  14. Does anyone know if Bayside Riding Club is still open in St. Martin? If so, is this still the "go-to" place for horseback riding?
  15. What is the most recommended Horseback riding company there? Sorry if this has been asked recently but I'm having trouble finding information about Bayside Riding Club. Is this place still open? Can't access their website - or at least as I have it bookmarked. The last time I was there riding horses was between Bayside and Lucky. Who's the best horseback riding company there now? Thanks in advance.