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    Prudoe Bay/Coldfoot

    Her comments are right on target -- the trip with Princess is excellent. and I just did the trip in 2007. Our bus driver went out of her way to make frequent stops so we could see the wildlife. We never had an issue with food, and no one in our group was b****ing in the dining rooms. Our entire group enjoyed themselves. What I appreciated most about the Princess cruisetour is that you are with the same group of people for the entire trip -- you are able to bond with them and share in all of the experiences of the trip, which definitely makes the trip more enjoyable. Sure, there are some folks on the tour who are a "challenge" but overall, the ability to connect with others throughout the trip make is worthwhile. If you have never been on a Princess cruisetour, especially one to Prudhoe Bay, you can't really judge it. Just like I wouldn't dare review the other tours. My cruisetour was one of the best experiences of my life and I would do it again in a second. In fact, I plan do in the coming years. The trip to Prudhoe is well worth a repeated visit.
  2. I would highly recommend The Bridge Restaurant in Anchorage. It was probably the best food we ate our entire 2 weeks in Alaska. Much more reasonably priced than the other places downtown. It's not right in the downtown area; it's near the Alaska Railroad Depot, but it is walkable from most hotels http://www.thebridgealaska.com
  3. We did this trip in late May/early June of 2007. It was the most incredible trip and was the highlight of my 2-week vacation, even surpassing the week on the cruise ship. We did it through Princess (which I would recommend). The trip between Fairbanks and Prudhoe is long, but is well worth it. The scenery is amazing the further north you go, and there is plenty of wildlife to see -- more than you'll see on any other point in your trip. Just driving to Coldfoot in not enough. To appreciate the Dalton Highway, I think you need to go all the way to Prudhoe. The weather varied. When we reached the Arctic Circle it was warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt. By the time we reached Prudhoe it was snowing. Be prepared for everything. Accommodations were basic, but comfortable (twin beds, thin walls, basic amenities). We preferred the Prudhoe lodging at the Arctic Caribou Inn, rather than the Coldfood lodging, but both serve their purpose. After a day on the bus and seeing some amazing sights, you'll be too exhausted to care. The food in Prudhoe was much better, however. I would suggest it be done before your cruise since it is tiring and you certainly won't be pampered. Overall, I would highly recommend this trip. It's actually one that I would do again (and probably will). Enjoy!
  4. My partner and I are booked on the Diamond Princess 6/2/07. We're also doing a week-long landtour to Prudhoe Bay prior to the cruise. Neither of us have been to Alaska before, nor have we gone on a cruise, but we're very excited!!
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