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  1. Yes, (hcat!) there actually was a great White Party on the 9 night Edge Caribbean Cruise last November! We had a great time. We always pack a bunch of white items just in case. Always a blast. Many of the officers were in attendance.
  2. There just are not enough late, traditional diners who will want to stay in the same MDR at the same table every night. We will have to try something new on the Edge class - move around, share and adjust our seating times, if necessary.
  3. We were also on the November 15th Edge sailing. Our dining experience, a different scenario than hcat’s, was an EPIC FAILURE – for the first time in 19 Celebrity sailings. Here’s our story. We always book late, traditional seating at a table for 6 or 8 as we enjoy meeting new people, establishing a rapport with our waitstaff and would prefer not to bounce around to different dining venues at different times. Upon boarding, we checked our table assignment and discovered we were assigned a table for 2 in the Normandie MDR for late seating. We requested a change to a larger table – the hostess said ok, no problem, we can change it. We arrived for dinner at 8:30 and were seated at a looooong, picnic table for 10 – with 2 other couples, both of whom were not overly conversational and not even seated so we could all properly converse with each other. We weren’t overly thrilled with the Normandie MDR, so after that first dinner, we went to the Cosmopolitan MDR and spoke with the Hostess, Eva, to see if we could get late seating at a table for 6 or 8. She said she would check with her supervisor and would get back to us. By the next afternoon, after not having heard back, we decided, ok, we’re in Concierge Class, let’s see if the Concierge can assist us. The Concierge’s office was so swamped that the Guest Relations Manager came in to assist. She spoke with us and promised to have a new dinner assignment in the Cosmopolitan MDR by dinner that evening. At 8:30, we arrive for dinner and Eva shows us to a lovely, wonderfully located table for 6! Oh, joy! Long story short (but not over) no one else showed up to dine with us! We figured, oh, night 2, just a fluke… I should interject here that we were supposed to be celebrating our 26th anniversary that evening – our TA had put it into our reservation, but, alas, if a cake was to be had, it must have shown up at the picnic table in Normandie… To shorten the story, I will say that out of the remaining 7 nights, different people were shuttled to our table on 4 nights and on the other 3, we dined alone. We kept asking Eva what the problem was, and she repeatedly told us that the table showed as “booked full” for late seating. We really learned our lesson with this one. On Edge Class ships, traditional late dining just doesn’t work if you want to book it for the reasons I stated above. We just booked the Apex TA for October 2021 and will have to try Select Dining unless we link dining with friends.
  4. I generally do my (fast) walking at around 6:30 a.m. daily and find that this is a good time of day from a “traffic” perspective. It’s not quite dawn, very peaceful and quiet and it proves to be a great way to start the day! Jill
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