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  1. Thanks for the interesting and thorough review. I am considering Pullmantur for Athens/Dubai, either way, but am concerned about the free kids promotion. Of course, it is a boon for those with kids, but I wonder how such a long cruise with sea days would be for kids corralled on board. This cruise is on the Horizon in Nov. and March. Any thoughts?
  2. I would like to try Pullmantur for this repositioning cruise, but I am hesitant because of the free for kids promotion. The length of the cruise and many sea days would make for a potentially boring time for children I would think. Any thoughts from those more experienced with Pullmantur? Thanks for the help.
  3. ariellejesse

    Need thoughts on MSC Lirica vs Bellissima through Suez

    Thanks so much for your thoughts. I have enjoyed reading the reviews for the MSC various cruises and am sure I would be pleased with the ambiance, etc. I would enjoy the opera entertainment and hope the powers do not entirely omit this part of the cultural experience. I will keep you in mind for further questions--thanks so much.
  4. ariellejesse

    Need thoughts on MSC Lirica vs Bellissima through Suez

    Thanks Moray, I appreciate the responses. I have not booked yet--would be traveling solo since DH would not be coming. Any thoughts on the preferred cabin/service for this route? I am surely enjoying reading all the MSC reviews for the various ships and services available.
  5. ariellejesse

    Need thoughts on MSC Lirica vs Bellissima through Suez

    Thanks so much for your reply--very helpful.
  6. I see that Lirica and Bellissima are repositioning through the Suez and the prices are reasonable without the high port/gov.tax charged by US lines. I do not find any recent reviews on Lirica and wonder what members think about the overall experience, food, day activities, etc. Bellissima will be coming later so no info yet, except the proposed itinerary. I would appreciate some thoughts. Thanks
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    Friends used a local tour company that had been recommended by other posters and were very pleased with a morning tour of Fatima and afternoon tour of Lisbon. The company is Tours For You, and their contact person was nuno.correia@toursfor you.pt. This was a few years back so check the net. The guide and driver were especially pleasant and considerate, helping with a wheelchair bound sister.
  8. Norwegian Joy JOY0822 22-Aug-2017 Tue Shanghai, China 23-Aug-2017 Wed At Sea 24-Aug-2017 Thu Nagasaki, Japan 25-Aug-2017 Fri At Sea 26-Aug-2017 Sat Tianjin, China JOY0910 10-Sep-2017 Sun Tianjin, China 11-Sep-2017 Mon At Sea 12-Sep-2017 Tue At Sea 13-Sep-2017 Wed Nagasaki, Japan 14-Sep-2017 Thu At Sea 15-Sep-2017 Fri Tianjin, China JOY0920 20-Sep-2017 Wed Tianjin, China 21-Sep-2017 Thu At Sea 22-Sep-2017 Fri Kitakyushu, Japan 23-Sep-2017 Sat At Sea 24-Sep-2017 Sun At Sea 25-Sep-2017 Mon Shanghai, China JOY1106 6-Nov-2017 Mon Shanghai, China 7-Nov-2017 Tue Yonaguni, Japan(Technical Call) 8-Nov-2017 Wed At Sea 9-Nov-2017 Thu Shanghai, China JOY1123 23-Nov-2017 Thu Shanghai, China 24-Nov-2017 Fri At Sea 25-Nov-2017 Sat Nagasaki, Japan 26-Nov-2017 Sun Miyazaki (Aburatsu), Japan 27-Nov-2017 Mon Kochi, Japan 28-Nov-2017 Tue At Sea 29-Nov-2017 Wed Shanghai, China JOY1225 25-Dec-2017 Mon Shanghai, China 26-Dec-2017 Tue At Sea 27-Dec-2017 Wed Osaka, Japan 28-Dec-2017 Thu Kochi, Japan 29-Dec-2017 Fri Hiroshima, Japan 30-Dec-2017 Sat At Sea 31-Dec-2017 Sun Shanghai, China