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  1. Hello, Are the deals usually the same for the entire month... or will they change throughout the month! Kicking myself for not booking yesterday!
  2. This is encouraging... we are looking to book Alaska for this June and missed the sale yesterday! We may just wait it out and see if prices drop again...
  3. Hello, I am an avid cruiser and have sailed on NCL, RC and Carnival. I am now looking into European cruises from Rome and wanted to get feedback and advice on recommended cruise lines to search. I notice my 3 regulars have somewhat limited sailings, and some of the lines I am not as familiar with offer more. Any suggestions or things to think of?
  4. On our tour yes, everyone went to the same beach. They took us to Shipwreck Bar and Grill and we used their loungers as well. Since they have an AM and a PM group that is where they take the opposite group while waiting for your tour. For example, we were picked up and dropped off at the beach while the other group did their tour, then they came back to the beach and we went on our tour.
  5. Not sure about the drivers license, but when we did this tour there were 6 buggies, one with the guide and five on the excursion. There was an AM and a PM tour on our day. Super fun! Definitely bring garbage bags to cover your belongings or something that can be easily washed... ours were covered in dust!
  6. Cash was preferred; but you could pay with a card too. I believe there was an additional fee if you used a card. Have fun!!!
  7. Where in the cruise terminal did you meet? Was the beach included as a stop? Thanks!
  8. Hello, We are cruising to Antigua next week and have an excursion (4x4 Island Tour) booked through Royal Caribbean. The excursions has us back at port at 11:30 am and we don't leave until 5pm. Given this time frame, is there a beach that you would recommend going to? Thinking we would need to stay near the port so we don't waste too much time traveling to and from... Any suggestions?
  9. I am booked on this same cruise and am having a hard time narrowing down excursions! Booked with Spencer Ambrose on St. Lucia so we can see the Pitons and mud baths... Island Tour with Sunny Liston for St. Thomas... Buddy Adventure (through the ship) in Antigua, St. Kitts we are still unsure of!
  10. Hello, My husband and I are sailing on Freedom of the Seas this month for our honeymoon. We would like to do a day pass at one of the resorts, either in Barbados or Antigua. Does anyone have experience at either? Or recommendations as far as which island has more to do and see, which one we should do the resort on? Thanks!
  11. I was wondering if you booked this tour and had any feedback? Looking at it for our upcoming cruise!
  12. Hello, My husband and I are sailing for our honeymoon next month and are considering splurging on a day pass to the Sandals in Barbados. Does anyone know which location is recommended from Bridgetown? Also, has anyone done this recently and can provide feedback? Thanks!
  13. Silly question - but which Barbados location is the closest to the cruise port?
  14. Do you know how to get a day pass at the Barbados location? Book in advance?
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