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  1. Don't mean to hijack this thread, but does anyone know if you bring your own soda onboard, can you bring a can into the dining room? Thanks!
  2. I have a question about the all-inclusive photo package. We're a family of 8 cruising in 3 rooms on the Royal (a mother with two adult children and their families). If one room chooses to get the photo package, are we able to get all the pictures from our group? Or, would someone in that room have to be in the photo in order to receive it? Thanks!
  3. Richardsk2011 - I'll look forward to hopefully meeting you! What's Now Amber?
  4. Last time we did a Mexican Rivera cruise, my son was disappointed to not see anyone making fresh churros. We have had them in Ensenada, but were unable to find them in Mazatlan, PV, or Cabo. Does anyone know where we could find some in one of those three ports? Thanks!
  5. I thank everyone for their responses! I've been to Stone Island - it is absolutely everything people make it out to be; a wonderful day. The SIL would take that boat, but I'm worried about the MIL being able to get on the truck to go to the beach. As uncomfortable as it is for my type A personality, I think we're going to just wing it!
  6. Thanks to all that posted. After further consideration, we have decided just to try to find either a hotel day pass, or take a taxi to a beach with some amenities. It seems like the easiest way to go. Are there such beaches?
  7. Thanks for your humorous reply, Hank! I need the humor to survive this trip! Unfortunately, separating the pack is not an option for this trip at all. MIL is not well, and this is sort of a once-in-a-lifetime thing to do with her kids and grandkids, so I'm stuck figuring out an option that will appease everyone. Personally, I'd love to do Las Caletas. It's sold out for my sailing, but I don't think they all would have done it anyway. Do you know if there are any beaches with amenities we could taxi to, or if some of the hotels do day passes? I know there's an option through the shi
  8. Hi I'm hoping to get some ideas from all of you knowledgeable people. We'll be in MR on Royal Princess over Thanksgiving. What excursions can we do with my MIL who is not able to walk very far, 3 energetic kids ages 6, 8 and 11 and a SIL who won't go on smaller boats? Last time DH and I were in Mazatlan, we spent a delightful day on Stone Island, but I question whether we can get my MIL on the ferry. Does anyone have any suggestions for either PV or Mazatlan that will satisfy all audiences? Thanks!
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