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  1. Thanks so much for all the time and work you did in completing this OP. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  2. I cruised out of NYC a couple years ago towards the end of August and when leaving could not find a cab. I would have expected them to be lined up, but there were nine in site. We stood in a long taxi line and one would come up occasionally. In all it took us close to 60 minutes to get a cab, when we were about 15th in line. Is this normal? We plan on going in NCL Breakaway in April if next year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  3. What an amazing and exciting little present for your cruise. You are so lucky. Enjoy your balcony. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  4. Yes it does. Thank you! Glad they at least give you a good selection to choose from. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  5. What are the topping choices for room service pizza? Is it just cheese or pepperoni or do they let you choose from a bunch of toppings? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  6. Wait......they do fireworks on the BA? Yeah!!!! We re going next April and I had no idea they did this. My 8 year old will love it. Is something that that do every night? Or just once during the cruise? Where do we need to be to see them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  7. Thanks for your answers Brian. So excited that she can do the Cirque dinner!
  8. Thanks for the great review. We are looking to book our first NCL cruise on the Breakaway for next April. I have a couple of questions though, if any one can help. How much are the vibe passes? Also, on Carnival, the kids could have dinner in the kids club. Do they do this on the Breakaway also or will we have to pull our daughter out to feed her dinner? Is their a minimum age for the cirque dinner? I know my 8 year old would love it but if she is not allowed then that is fine. How much is the dinner show? Thanks for your help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  9. Looks like deck 7. Great video, but not the way I want to remember my cruise. ;) Now imagine 24 hours of that. :eek: Yeah, the swells were the killer. They really pushed you around like crazy. I heard some first time cruisers saying that. I think if this would have happened at the beginning of the cruise and the rest was nice a lot of them would change their minds, but coming at the end of the cruise, it's all they will probably remember.
  10. Camp carnival was open today from 10-5, so should be all set for tomorrows sailing. They are offering us compensation for travel.penalties and free phone calls. I didnt hear anything about free on demand ahows. Wish I would have known that because we would have used it. It was a crazy ride yesterday and one I dont care to repeat ever again. Lots of stuff broke, but the ship is fine and is seaworthy. Sorry everyone is missing a day on their upcoming cruise. Having an extra day is fun, but can be a hassle also. Changing travel plans, dealing with work and school and reschedualing appointments can be a pain also.
  11. Our first stop is Florida. If I decide to bring on another 12 pack of soda there, will I run into a problem? Will they let me bring it on? Would hate to waste the money and then have them take it away from me.
  12. Because what they were eating then was natural and fresh. It wasn't packaged with preservatives and other yucky stuff. There were no fast foods and other unhealthy restaurants. Plus, they were a lot more active back then. No TV to sit in front of, maybe a radio to listen to at night, but the kids were always outside playing and mom and dad were always working outside or inside, doing chores and staying active. If you wanted to go anywhere, walking was generally involved. They didn't have a car to jump into to drive a 1/4 mile to the store or the neighbors house. A lot has changed in the last 100 years that has contributed to the increase in obesity. In regards to the vegetarian options, I'm all for more of them. I love meat, don't always eat it. I love ordering the vegetarian options on a cruise.
  13. The food- trying new things and not worrying that it's wasted money if I don't like it. Ordering 2 appetizers or entree's if I can't make up my mind. Eating more then I should. :o On land I rarely ever drink. But on a cruise, there is just something about it, I have to have a few. Not having to worry about getting home is a nice convenience. Just stumble down the hallways, and if I accidentally bump into a wall or two, I can just blame it on the waves. It can't possibly be because I drank too much. :p
  14. I was on the fence about getting my daughter and husband their passports for our upcoming cruise. I don't think we will be taking another cruise or traveling abroad in the next few years, so it seemed like a wasted expense to me also. Why spend nearly $200 when the papers you have in your hand will work fine. :confused: I did end up getting them though. It dawned on me that you now have to have one to get into Canada and we have talked of heading up to Niagara falls or Quebec for a long weekend. So, I bit the bullet and got them. I'm sure it will all be fine. Contrary to all the passport fanatics, I'm sure that there are still quite a few people who don't have them and just use their birth certificates to get on the ship. Have a fun cruise!!
  15. Kids snoop, I think we all did it. I remember one year, finding all my Christmas presents, already wrapped. I very carefully unwrapped them to see what they were and then re-wrapped them. Of course, my mother discovered what I did. They didn't return my presents, but my Christmas morning wasn't as fun as normal, since I knew what everything already was. Sure, a safe is different then some presents, but snooping is snooping. Maybe the OP's daughter was doing it because she was curious, maybe she was looking for money or something else to take, or who knows. :confused: It's the lying part that would have gotten me made. Blaming someone else for it, my asking them about it and then finding out none of it was true. I wouldn't take the vacation away though, because, as the OP said, it's not fair to the other family members. I had something like that happen to me when I was 14. Thanks to a cousin we had our vacation cut short and didn't get to go some amusement parks because of it. Over 30 years later and I'm still bitter about it. :p And don't think we let him forget about it either!!!;)
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