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  1. esm54687

    Gratuities on NCL

    The 20% gratuity is based on the 5 meal specialty dining package value and is paid in your final payment or when purchased on board (for the 5 UBP $23.80 is the gratuity on $119 per person)..... whether you go to 0 or 2 or 5 meeals..... you are charged that amount and do not receive a refund for meals not used. Just a clarifiaction: the SDP isn't a per night package so if you wanted to go to Cagney's at 530 and Le Bistro at 930 in one evening you can.
  2. esm54687

    Atlantis excursion

    Price out the Comfort Suites Paradise Island..... if you book a room you get 4 all-access passes to Atlantis. Just take a cab from port, check in, get passes, check out, then walk next door to Atlantis. For the 5th person just buy directly from Atlantis or Resort for a Day's Aquaventure pass.
  3. esm54687

    Free unlimited open bar

    Along with reading the general info at the website provided in post #3...... you absolutely should spend time reading the T&Cs located at the bottom of the UBP section to understand the meat and potatoes of the UBP.
  4. esm54687

    Vibe beach club

    No pool in the Vibe.... YouTube has some nice "tours" of the area that include lounge chairs, private bar, jacuzzis and limited assigned cabanas. The "draw" is the limited passes sold and some like to escape the crowds.
  5. Great information but has nothing to do with the "aft" location being talked about.
  6. esm54687

    Vibe beach club

    A search will produce a thread with information you're seeking.
  7. esm54687

    Breakaway question

    They will have a couple comedians during your cruise..... these are not something you can pre book like you can with shows. You must do it when you get on the ship at the kiosk (located in Atrium) or if you download the Norwegian Mobile App and while you're sitting at the terminal waiting to get on then you may book it then.
  8. esm54687

    Coffee on Epic

    NCL serves LavAzza coffee in restaurants, bars and buffet ..... "good" is a matter of taste. As mentioned, Starbucks is served at the Atrium Cafe.
  9. esm54687

    Included phone calls

    When in doubt always read the T&Cs concerning the promo. I didn't see the "ship to shore phone call" but here are NCL's promos that would include details / exclusions etc. https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions Ask your TA / PCC for the specific T&Cs for your promos
  10. If you qualify then it will happen...... the fact that no one in your Roll Call has received an opportunity to bid clearly shows that the Advantage Upgrade Program has not kicked off for your itinerary yet.
  11. esm54687

    Insurance coverage missed port

    Correct..... already been discussed in this thread (and I actually included a link to Nationwide policy I. Post #2)...... You stated you had a payout because of a change in itinerary but didn't qualify it was pre departure. Sounded like you had a different policy because OP asked about post departure "missed port" coverage that was beyond just "pre-paid excursion coverage"
  12. esm54687

    Insurance coverage missed port

    Just want to clarify what I said earlier.....this particular policy is a "change in itinerary" BEFORE departure?
  13. It's not that NCL doesn't want to talk to you directly...... your TA is the one who owns the reservation thus is the one who has the authority to talk to NCL on your behalf. If you pretend you don't have a reservation and are just inquiring about a promo then NCL will talk to you all day long.
  14. esm54687

    Specialty Restaurant Questions

    is this a question? Already answered in my post and at the link I provided.
  15. esm54687

    Specialty Restaurant Questions

    Oooops you're right...... it's included. We made the decision not to use it because the price per item was so low and the quantity was large.... I just forget it is.