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  1. yet.... as of my post at this very second..... there are 2 people following YOUR thread and YOU're not any of them..... except if you're anonymously following you're own thread. 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️
  2. Your TA actually didn't come through for you...... these were all due you anyway and it was your TA just fixing her blunder. If you didn't push her, she may never have pursued it..... and I'm sure her BDM was pressuring her on the other side.
  3. There's actually a thread on here that someone put a Google Spreadsheet together to track all this info...... it's a lot easier than starting a brand new thread everytime someone wonders about the status of a refund...... a simple search will find all the similiar threads Here's the spreadsheet one:
  4. Correct..... originally I missed putting "NCL" in my response which was edited 12 minutes before you replied
  5. OBC stands for "On-Board Credit"...... NCL requires you to be on-board to use the credit.
  6. Delete does not remove the content from the email notification you get.... I responded because you were focusing on right now instead of just sitting tight and things will probably change
  7. The NCL person actually gave you a great answer.... "at this time....." If you've been following this forum, NCL (and the cruise industry) have been adjusting their policies to be more customer friendly during this time. Your CNCs aren't expiring in 4 days so you have time for the dust to settle and NCL to address the CNCs after they tackle the current waves of cancellations, FCCs, refunds, transfer FCCs, etc.
  8. You know that the dinners and "extra cheap wine" are all crap the cruise line literally gives away so people spend money in the casino, excursions, gift shops, bingo, etc where the real money is made. Wow, Billy and Karen in one.
  9. Why is it that someone can have a thought and everyone wants to take it that the person is admonishing or chastising or picking on someone.......... If Starbucks charges $6 for a coffee and the cashier accidently gives me the incorrect change..... I bring it to their attention because it is their drawer that will be short. However, if the Starbucks computer charges me $4 in error...... I pay the $4 and shut up for my sake and all those behind me. There's a huge difference especially when the cost isn't a personal one but a points system. I guess we found Billy
  10. My point being, sometimes being silent when a "good thing" happens that has no financial impact on a company is the preferred thing to do..... especially if that "good thing" is worthless to someone and by speaking up could take it away from others. and I mean in this forum, reddit, and any other location....
  11. Why would anyone post on a public forum, especially on one where you know the cruise line has a relationship with, and broadcast an administrative error...... reminds me of being in school and Billy would let the teacher know that the answers to the test were on the board!! Even if the points were meant by NCL to be a gesture of good will...... "shhhh" just in case it isn't. You didn't cruise so why would you expect points?? Would you expect points again when you used your FCC in the future?? smh
  12. In stage one, they probably took the Latitude numbers on the reservation to expedite the FCC processing and in stage two they are allowing the transfer...... they probably should have told people the plan to help people make a better decision OR they listened to passengers and are adapting to what people want.
  13. Yet, you decide to personally attack me multiple times.... smh I only mentioned the fact your "original" speculation had been talked about ad nauseum prior to your post..... and my observation was actually agreed upon by others.
  14. Isn't that the same for any hospitality or travel entity? I'm from Massachusetts and Cape Cod is going to struggle with lack of tourist and Provincetown has cancelled parades, celebrations, concerts, restaurant openings for the entire 2021 season.... Boston has cancelled the famed 4th of July concert, etc.
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