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  1. As stated by numerous people.....stateroom capacity is part of the equation but the lifeboat capacity for that assigned muster station is equally important in capacity.
  2. I think one of the surprises I've encountered as an organizer is how many people who commit their room and then are no shows to the meet & greet. As the organizer, I solicit people of different categories and get a ship deck plan to map it out to minimize walking, crowded venue areas etc and also to accommodate those who may need elevators. I get volunteering your cabin is a big deal but remember that other people are counting on that room .... so don't be a jerk and just blow it off - let the organizer know at least so they can make arrangements
  3. Typical maintenance for computer servers etc take place overnight Saturday to Sunday when most operations are closed, etc. This will happen for NCL, your bank, your favorite department store, etc.
  4. but the opportunity to actually use the certificate prior to it expiring was not given to the individual..... the consumer clearly met all terms of the voucher by booking a cruise prior to it expiring but NCL did not provide the service for the actual voucher. NCL runs a promo for an opportunity to book a Studio for $100 for a 7 day cruise..... you jump on this great opportunity and buy 5 of them. A week after the promo they announce that all Studios, across the fleet, are being replaced with volleyball courts by Dec 31, 2020 but they also make the announcement they will have no
  5. I think you're missing the point.... You're example is not what happened to the OP... You're example is if "you" cancel.... then absolutely you should lose the certificate but the OP was cancelled by NCL and this should be extended at a minimum until NCL is fully operational. I have memberships to a gym, a movie theater, etc that expired during the government mandated closure...... each and every membership was extended the exact amount of time they were closed. Heck, even states are extending expired licenses and vehicle registrations because they were shut down.
  6. Yes, but remember it is a cancel and rebook...... this means your stateroom goes back into inventory for the couple minutes it takes to start the booking of the new reservation and there is a chance (very very slight but still a chance) you may lose that specific stateroom ...... so, something to be aware of if you have you heart set on that particular stateroom.
  7. No, read the thread..... that was the old way and things have changed
  8. ok...... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  9. If it's a promo, which is the OP's question, there are no rights to be concerned about..... seems your post was to stir the DSC frenzy. IMHO
  10. well that didn't take long........
  11. Now I'm thoroughly confused..... many many people on here report that the choice for FCC or Refund was only for those who waited and NCL cancelled. If you pulled the trigger first and inside any penalty window - you're on the hook for penalties and no FCC / Refund choice. Am I misunderstanding this?
  12. If optimism, looking at a glass half full, or being positive is the sign of a low IQ..... you must be a proud member of Mensa.
  13. Yes, if you read any of the gazillion threads concerning the FCC / refund ..... it was discussed ad nauseum
  14. You really don't pay attention do you...... there are many threads / posts here where refunds have not only been processed but actually received..... and you've been around here long enough to know that the Cruise Critic community is such a small percentage of the entire cruise community so even those who have not received the refund and posted here is not a true sample. not to mention the post immediately after your's clearly contradicted your statement
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