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  1. There's a difference between travelling with a passport and travelling when a passport is mandatory....... which is why I asked that specifically. If your cruise requires a passport or visa, it is not uncommon for a cruise line to send solicitation from a partner or agent that they do business with to assist you. It is sent regardless if you have a current one etc.
  2. What were the bullet points? Have you travelled before with NCL when a passport book was mandatory?
  3. Depending on time of day it was $5 - 10 On my May cruise the LIR table was super tight all week and no one was really playing. It just re-enforced my opinion that the card shuffling machines are not random in how they place the cards.
  4. They are included in the Premium Plus Package
  5. Maybe the confusion is quoting one poster while asking a second poster to clarify....
  6. As you thought..... purchasing OBC is capped at $1,000 but the total balance you can have is not.
  7. OK, I admit the link I provided does not include "a scale in bathroom" as a perk but if you just look at Haven and then Suites & Penthouses individually and click on the Exclusive Amenities your "list" is there and very detailed specific to the category. If you need a pictorial version of the same text from the link provided here you go ..... I hope you find the unicorn list you are looking for.... happy sailing
  8. I will go back to my question.... the list of 15 suite perks is pretty concise so what are you specifically asking??
  9. and also includes a list..... midway down there is a section "indulge in exclusive amenities"...... clicking on those 3 items (special services, delicious extras, thoughtful touches) is a total of 15 suite perks (or a list)
  10. The ability to use iMessage without purchasing an internet package has been permanently disabled.
  11. What details are you specifically asking for? The link I provided in #6 has the perk list for suites and penthouses....
  12. Literally the 1st link returned when placing "NCL Suite Amenities" (your words) in the Google search bar is the NCL Suite Amenities page that lists the amenities: https://www.ncl.com/why-cruise-norwegian/cruise-accommodations/cruise-suites-and-penthouses Not being a jerk but as Captain Obvious might point out..... you asked a question and the list was easily found on Google. If you asked incorrectly then that's not on those who try to help
  13. Google has a useful and powerful search engine....
  14. If you have crappy printouts..... place them in your luggage in case they get lost and just grab some tags at the terminal. The porters always have some.
  15. Sounds oddly like post #9 ☺ 😁
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