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  1. When we got home I tried the App and the fleet location section worked which was fun!
  2. Works same as the web version, visual notification but no audio “chime”
  3. I just noticed the section copied below it looks like the NS is the “test” ship to start
  4. I just installed it on my phone not using paid internet and it installed fine it also seems to be also optimized for tablets
  5. I just tried the link here on the NS and it worked ok. May not have been upgraded on the KDam dry dock And supposedly once you install the app you can use it on further cruises after registering your account
  6. Apologies if this has been updated already but on the NS there is now an option to download a proper App for IOS or Android by accessing the URL https://navigator.hollandamerica.com/app/ has a few more features, I.e. fleet location
  7. Here are the MDR wines by the bottle Part 1 “Light Conversation “
  8. Below is from the Dinner menu only has by the glass. They don’t have a published list of Pinnacle wines by the bottle printed yet and what we can gleen the list will be reduced
  9. As we have reached the half way point of the cruise thought we would post some impresssions of the ship. We will try to post pictures as before but the Internet speed has been alternating betweeen slow and glacial. Mrs Jones has put some of the pictures on Instagram and will post links where apppropriate Pinnacle Grill - The new menu is the most delightful (and unexpected) improvement in our experience. There are so many new menu items (along with long-time favorites.) We are enjoying trying them all so much that we changed our traditional last night at the Tamarind to the Pinnacle so we could make it though the new menu 😉 During our two dinners so far we have tried several off the new dishes. For appetizers the Sesame Crusted Tuna Tataki is exceptional. Sushi grade tuna, well prepared. For those who remember the Mushroom cream Amuse-bouche, that was so popular they have made that one of the soup options (it is rich but excellent.) We also tried the new appetizers from Chef David Burke. The Pastrami Salmon was great quality. It was a little heavy on the pepper for our taste but that is subjective and some may find it perfect. The other is the Clothesline Candied Bacon. At first we thought it possibly out of sync with the Pinnacle but we gave it a try and were pleasantly surprised, the presentation was interesting and fun. The bacon is delicious but not overwhelming sweet like some candied bacon. For the new entrees we really enjoyed the seared scallops. Mr Jones tried the Filet with Lobster Dumplings, which was a great combo. From the old menu the King Crab Legs were awesome! Sweet and perfectly prepared. Even the chicken breast entree has been upgraded —with new corn fed chicken, and a terrific sauce that kept the chicken moist and flavorful. For dessert we tried the new Tres Leche cake and it was like we were in San Juan! Expertly done! Finally, the service has been outstanding, which is particularly impressive on a new ship, and with a new menu that contains an entire extra two pages of items, We estimate about 75% of the Pinnacle staff are from the Koningsdam Pinnacle and has been nice getting reacquainted. Denise has been promoted to the Pinnacle Manager and she has been doing a fantastic job.
  10. No, it appears that suite guests eat breakfast in th Club Orange area.
  11. That was us yesterday in Cartagena too many stops but all Delicious!!! Beatas was special glad you also enjoyed it.
  12. Regarding the collard greens. Wish you could convince mrs jones. She is thinking No Carbs and I am thinking No Mas!
  13. We have friends who live near Malaga who introduced us to Los Patios de Beatas. We returned today for an awesome lunch. The scallops were some of the best we’ve had and the Iberico ham was as delicious as it was artistically presented
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