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  1. We have done HAL, Celebrity, Carnival and NCL. I don't think you will like NCL. It is more like Carnival and RCCL. HAL and Celebrity are both much better than NCL in my opinion. I still cruise NCL but after HAL and Celebrity you really have to lower your expectations.
  2. We have eaten at Moderno 3 times. First time was just okay. Second time the meat was so tough we couldn't eat it. The final time they served the sides and we waited and waited for the meat. We finally got tired of waiting, so we ate our sides and left. Never again.
  3. I visited with her. She was proud to report that HAL gave her the Panama Canal cruise after the South Pacific cruise for free. Dolly is not walking well at all I'm afraid to report. Linda
  4. Been on both. Very hard question. However, I think I need to give it to Celebrity. I found the Buffet food on Celebrity much better than HAL. MDR were good on both lines.
  5. HAL ships have no water slides, go carts or rock climbing wall. It is a cruise ship. Lovely areas all over the ship. We call it the blue hair cruise line as people are elderly but we don't mind as we love older people. I believe older people are better behaved. No seat saving, lounge saving or drunks. Food is great, much better than NCL in my opinion. Service is also a step above NCL. We still cruise NCL often and enjoy them as well.
  6. I've been to Hawaii over 20 time. Sometimes just land, somtimes on cruises. I highly recommend option number 1. You need 7 nights in Oahu. There is so much to do and see there. The cruise at the end will give you the chance to taste each island.
  7. We have stopped cruising Princess. We found better prices and better perks on other lines, like NCL. We love the drink, internet and shore excursion perks that Princess just doesn't offer. Also love the different free dining options on NCL.
  8. If this lady was as bad as the OP states. She was a danger. They should have taken her off the ship at the next port.
  9. I am a scooter user. I have muscular dystrophy and have been using a scooter for the last four years I have never ever hit anyone but I have been driving one for years. I have been hit by able bodied people. They walk right into me. I don't think people see me because I am in a lower field of vision. I think part of problem is people rent one maybe once a year. They don't practice. They also put it on full speed. That is ridiculous on a crowded ship. This woman gives us experienced scooter users a bad name.
  10. What then if it was a child standing directly behind him. They are lower. So who's fault is it when you back or walk into someone? Handicapped people are easy to blame I guess.
  11. Thank you for your apology. You just don't realize the independence you lose when you become disabled. I don't want someone to get my food for me. I want to get it myself. Because I am disabled do I have less rights than you? When an area is crowded everyone needs to be responsible for themselves and look where they are going. Backwards or forwards. Able bodied people just don't and won't understand until they become disabled themselves. Be very thankful you are not in a wheelchair or scooter. You do not know what tomorrow holds. Be
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