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  1. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2019/06/articles/drownings/passenger-drowns-on-caribbean-princess/ Early one morning when we were on the Caribbean Princess, we awoke to an announcement in the hallway. It woke me up but I could not clearly hear what was being said. Nothing further was said during the last days of the cruise (obviously) Seems there was a drowning in the Neptune pool at about that same time. Sounds like a 30 year old man drank a bit too much and ended up in the pool after hours. This is was the only article I could find regarding the incident... Sad.
  2. We just got off the Caribbean Princess yesterday. We went to the Western Caribbean and stayed in a balcony cabin on the Rivera deck in the aft area. We had the round coffee table, barrel chair and desk chair inside the cabin. There were two chairs and a side table on the Balcony. This is the same configuration we had on the Grand to Alaska 2 years ago.
  3. A little different but similar. We were offered an upsell from an interior to an ocean view, which we were not interested in because of the location. I suggested that we would pay more for a balcony in the same area we were in. They found a balcony cabin cabin for us and we kept our free Medallion Net and free gratuities. I guess it depends on who makes the phone call... Princess or the customer.
  4. Normally I wipe my mouth on the railing to help build my immune system. Guess I need to stop that 😋
  5. We upgraded to a balcony cabin on our next cruise on the Caribbean Princess. Mom and Dad are across the hall. We were thinking of having a pizza party on the balcony during sail away. I was thinking we would use the two balcony chairs, our desk chair and Mom and Dad could BYO desk chair. Too crowded for sail away? I am sure someone has done it before. Too squishy?
  6. Hey guys, I just happened to check the bridge cam a few minutes ago and it appears that the Caribbean Princess is heading for Ft. Lauderdale. We have a few more weeks before we board, but I bet those on the mid May cruises will be relieved to see her on her way.
  7. Let’s see... 3 extra days on a cruise ship or flying to Seattle and dealing with the TSA? I would choose San Francisco every time. We did this cruise 2 years ago and loved it.
  8. Dearinger, I appreciate your input on this topic. Tonight, I will start researching Google Beacon and Apple iBeacon. I am in the information security field and am always looking for ways to keep our company and customer data secure. Anymore, if you use technology at all (cell phones, tablets, or even buy stuff on line) your data is out there never to be retrieved. Some things we we can do to keep our data safe. - if you don’t have to use your real identity, don’t. Go get a new email address with a fake name... how is anyone going to know if I am Fred Smith or George Brown and quite frankly, why do I care? - Go pay for an email address for the emails that really count and only use it for personal communication you want to keep private like your financial info. And make sure it allows encryption. - use pass phrases instead of passwords. - don’t use the same pass phrases on different websites. And don’t use your work password any place other than work. - use a password application like LastPass to save your passwords so you don’t have to remember them all. - if an app asks if it can use your microphone or camera think about if it is really necessary. Why does a flash light application need the microphone? - finally, Facebook and most other social media sites are not looking out for you. Dropping Facebook was the most liberating thing I ever did. - when a business asks for your phone number or email address, tell them you don’t have one. They will still take your money. those were the ones that hit my head... just protect your self as much as possible on line because no one else will. wow, this discussion has taken a strange turn. 😀
  9. With the Medallion, they are encouraging folks to install apps on their phones and mobile devices. One of the applications even lets you gamble without going to the Casino. Another allows you to order drinks directly from your phone and they will be delivered directly to your table. If you want to use these services, you keep your phone with you. i think part of what they are trying to do is change the cruising culture to attract a younger clientele as well as collecting data whether you carry your phone or not.
  10. You know, I think I will go buy one of the Faraday Cages from Amazon just to see what happens. Similar to what Doug R. mentioned, maybe I can market it as a “Cloak of Invisibility” 😀 Plus they only cost as much as the recent tip increase. So I should be ok (sorry I couldn’t help myself). I can justify it as a cheap cruise toy.
  11. I think that the problem arises when the company collecting the data begins using it for other purposes than just what we have been discussing so far. For example, how does Facebook make as much money as it does? By selling its users data to other companies which gets bundled and resold a myriad of times to other companies to do whatever they see fit to do with it. whats the saying? If you didn’t buy the product you are using, you are the product. don’t get me wrong, I love technology and looking forward to playing with the new toy when I am on the ship. But I am going in with my eyes wide open to what that all means.
  12. Oh and one more thing...think I have finally found a way to easily carry my new Medallion around the ship. Amazon has these amazing pouches for your phone and key fobs that act as a Faraday cage which blocks radio signals to and from the device inside the pouch. I just need to take it out to unlock the cabin door. When I showed this great idea to my wife, she asked if it comes in a metallic aluminum color to match my tinfoil hat. She knows me too well😀.
  13. I think you are exactly right. Here’s how I think they could easily monetize their investment. Since they know where you are and how long you were in a location, they can tell you were in the photo gallery looking at the photos they took of you and your party. They can also tell that you have not purchased any photos yet. Later that day, because you purchased MedallionNet, you start getting emails letting you know that there were new photos added to your portfolio. And for a limited time, if you buy four photos, you can get one free by just presenting the attached coupon. Then the next day, immediately after the machine beeps when you are returning from your long hot day on the beach, you get another email asking “doesn’t a nice cold beer sound good right now? Here are three bars that are conveniently located on your walk back to your cabin.” i hate spam when I am not on vacation and will hate it even more when I am trying to relax on my cruise. I am wondering, how many times you can get the Medallion to skip across the wake when thrown from the pool at the back of the ship . 😀
  14. We chose an interior aft Rivera cabin for our cruise in June. I received an upsell offer for an Ocean View way forward for $99 each. However, we are sailing with parents and they don’t want to move from their cabin right next door to ours. So, I mentioned that while we couldn’t take that offer, if they had a balcony aft Rivera, we would take it. He didn’t have that type of cabin on his sell sheet so he looked a little deeper and found us what we wanted... He offered us a balcony cabin right across the hall from Mom and Dad for $200 each. Sometimes all you have to do is ask nicely...
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