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  1. Hi fellow refund-waiters, I put in a dispute with my CC company about three weeks ago. The day after I made the request, a provisional refund was put in the account. On Monday, I called to get a status update and found out that the dispute was approved and the money was mine. Now I am short about $500 and still working on that, but disputing the charges and providing a bit of evidence does work. A second thing... I have been in IT for 28 years, most of it in risk and controls and Business Continuity. I work to make sure our business can function in case of a disaster.
  2. I went ahead and put in a claim with my Credit Card provider this afternoon. The deciding factor? Fairness. I was told it would probably be June before they would provide my refund... could not come up with one good reason to continue to provide Princess a no interest loan for the next 60 days.
  3. Hi guys, a lot of info here about when we should expect refunds, and reading through it all I am no closer to knowing when to expect it, so I called Princess tonight to get the low down. When I spoke to them, I was told 60 days, but it begs the question 60 days from when? We were supposed to leave on the Emerald for Hawaii next Tuesday. So i told the Rep that we had applied for the refund in mid-March like everyone else so asked if we should expect the refund in mid-May... nope... it is 60 days from our cruise that should have left on April 14th. I expressly asked... so
  4. We are booked on the Emerald out of L.A. in mid-April and am unsure if it is a good time for to go on this cruise given the current environment. It is not so much the worry of getting sick, it’s more the possibility of the quarantine afterwards. So for us, this would be welcome news. However, this is the first time I have heard this news... can you share the information source. Thanks Once Upon A Time for your update. edit - well, before I could hit enter Idahospud had my answer... thanks guys.
  5. I too am diabetic (type 2) and am careful about those portion sizes. But, I can always fine a sugar free dessert to finish up the meal. favorites - key lime pie and the cheese plate.
  6. We are sailing on the Emerald out of LA on April 14th. We received the same “late embarkation” email a couple of days ago. now gotta find something to do for a couple of hours before heading to the port.
  7. Totally agree with you Capriccio... this new sale as an add-on to an existing booking is the right thing to do for most people. the point of my post is to state that in most cases, a person is better off booking early and getting the cabin you want. Then depend on fare drops to get a better deal on the overall value of the cruse. As opposed to waiting for a sale to book the cruise you want to go on. The ability to now add on features to your cruise reinforces the value of this process.
  8. We are booked for a cruise early this nest year and since we have not hit the payment date yet, I check the web site for lower costs on cabins regularly. This morning, I checked and the price of the cabin in the same category went up $780 pp. This increase coincides with the launch of The Best Sale Ever. A benefit for us since we have booked already. However, a lesson to book early and ride the fare reductions down rather than wait for a later “deal”
  9. Before the final payment, we regularly monitor the price of our booked cruise and our EZair reservations in order to take advantage of any price drops. Anytime we have refared only one component it has not affected the other. Now, I have seen recent promotions that include a discount on airfare through EZair and I suppose that that discount may go away if you refare the cruise portion. But we have never booked a cruise under that type of promotion. it definitely pays to monitor your cruise costs. For our current booking we have refared each component several times
  10. Hey everyone, This summer, we were on the Caribbean Princess for a Western Caribbean Cruise. This was post dry dock and we found two new areas to sit outside and relax. Both were near the aft and featured comfy chairs and couches. We are planning a Hawaiian cruise on the Emerald Princess next spring and wondering if there are similar areas on this ship. We enjoy sitting and visiting or reading on sea days, and we will have quite a few on this trip. If these particular areas are not available, where on the Emerald are your favorite quiet places to hang out?
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