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  1. Hi, I am getting ready to go to the Arctic on Hurtigruten's Fram. I have a few questions: Do they have a photography class on board and is it good? Do they give a jump-drive to each passenger or do they sell them? (Price range if possible) Thank you!
  2. Try the Www. Global. Hurtigruten. Website. It’s in eu. Think England? I was able to get a bunch of good info there.
  3. Thank you roaming kiwi58! Did you wear another jacket under it? Can you tell me if the shampoo etc were acceptable or should I bring my own? Also what was the beverage policy, some expeditions provide a house wine or beer at dinner others do not...? Any part of the ship you especially enjoyed? Thank you!!!!! (I'm so excited!)
  4. Hi, I am going on the Fram in June or july this year to Svalbard. I will be in an inside cabin. They say they provide a jacket. I am wondering if that means it is a warm jacket or just a shell? Any other info about the ship, the things they supply or its set up or secret places to hang out, don't miss it food or ??? or any other hints... I would be grateful for it. Thank you!!!!
  5. GREAT info! Thank you so Much. I am still waffling on which expedition line to use, but likely will use Hurtigruten. I wish there were a teacher discount.... sigh.
  6. I hope someone will have some info or thoughts on these questions: Are there extra costs for any of the excursions off the ships? (Cruises, special landings) Beverage costs Espresso, wine, mixed drinks? If you have been on Quark or G Adventures expeditions, do you think you get "as close" to the wildlife etc? Thank you
  7. Perfect timing! I have been considering a freighter cruise. I would be traveling as a single 60 yr old female. Any thoughts? Safe? too lonely? Probably Transatlantic, but maybe to Asia I am thinking of only being out about 12 days maybe 15. Did you have elevators? or stairs only?
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