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  1. rdy2snorkel

    Kids Menus on Carnival???

    My daughter is a very picky eater and the kids dinner menu will no doubt get borig fairly fast for her. Does anyone know if spaghetti is served as a dining room option or on the Lido deck buffet? If so, my problems are solved for her as she loves her pasta.;)
  2. rdy2snorkel

    Anyone else ever say this....

    Funny you brought this up. My DW always heard good things about cruising. I am a land based creature although I love the sea. I always said now way to cruising, too boring, too formal for me. As a family of 4, we made big trips ($$$) to Walt Disney World (WDW) 3 times in the last 5 years. We really had no plans for WDW, because we weren't sure the van would make it OK from NJ. Flying was too expensive bacause we would need to rent a van for the entire say in FL since we would be traveling outside Disney. This comes to my point. The family and I went to a McDonalds. While I was paying, I noticed some brochures for Carnival near the register. I took one, and the lights went on and bells started ringing. "Why not take a cruise from NY and avoid driving/flying and start the vacation as soon as we board?". We were booked on the Miracle in less than a week, and now are eagerly awaiting our first cruise. The time since booking has been spent trying get as much info as possible. It feels like we have done it before because of how informed we are. I don't think any surprises are spoiled because there is no substitute for experiencing something new.
  3. rdy2snorkel

    Captain's Dinner

    We are going on our first cruise on the Miracle from NY on July 30 and have a few questions. It will be out 10th Anniversary and will be taking our 2 DDs, 7 and 9. On the Captain's dinner night, we have an early seating, 5:45. Does the Captain show up at this time, the late seating only, or both? From what I read it seems that he is only there for the later time. Is is also true that the wait staff dances only at the later seating. My DW wants to see this but I have no interest in this interruption;) . As for the Casino, does anyone know if any taxes are deducted from one's winnings or have to be declared if you win? It seems that from what I have read on this board and others, much of cruising centers around alcoholic drinks. My DW and I will certainly have a few here and there, but will it be awkward to decline any drinks in the dining room? I don't know how much of a party atmosphere I will enjoy seeing considering we have 2 young DDs that we have to look after. I know there is Camp Carnival, but knowing our kids, they will want to spend a lot of time with us:eek:. Lastly, for the Miracle, or any Spirit class ship, how really crowded will the kids pool and water slide be on sea days in August? I am not a big fan of sitting in the sun, but my kids will want to spend a lot of time in the water. I am hoping they can get their fill without too much trouble.
  4. rdy2snorkel

    Miracle Review: 5/27

    We are planning to be on the Miracle on July 30 and will be driving from NJ (about a 1/2 hour ride for us). We will be parking at the port and was planning on the $180 parking fee. Could you tell me about the port charges? Is this something that was included in the trip total, or is this something that you have top pay separately at the port? Any info will be usefull as I would like to plan ahead. Glenn