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  1. We just came back from a full transit through the Panama Canal with a stop in Puntarenas on 10/31. We used Odyssey Tours. We had a group of 29 people and we were broken up into 4 buses. After the tour, the people in our group told me that it was the best tour they had during the cruise. In particular, I would like to praise my guide and driver, Ronnie and Adrian, who both did an excellent job. Ronnie is very knowledgeable and he timed the tour so well that we were able to complete the majority of the tour before it started to rain. Unfortunately, we missed the beach visit due to the torrential rain. Ronnie predicted that the rain would started around 2PM and it did almost exactly start at that time. We especially like the Crocodile Man and his pal, Osama bin Laden. All the others in my group enjoyed their guides just as much as we enjoyed Ronnie. The included lunch was excellent. Our 8 hour tour cost was $65 per person including lunch. The cost was lower because the group was over 14. There was some chaos at the pier with people trying to find their tours and that was a bit disturbing but I guess that’s how it goes with these things. I tried to eliminate this confusion by bringing together all the people in my group onboard the ship prior to walking off. We left on time as scheduled. Alvaro and Diego are brothers who run the operation. Alvaro was very efficient with correspondence while planning the tour and thanked us for allowing his company to show us this beautiful part of his country. I highly recommend Odyssey Tours (10 in 1 Tour). Just google Odyssey Tours to find them.
  2. In Feb. 2008, I saw Motor City in the Caribbean. In Aug. 2008, I saw Motor City in Scandinavia. Next week, in the British Isles, I'm going to sleep early. It's a fine show but I don't need to see it again!
  3. Jason: You can also have a look at the Aug 12th roll call on the Crown Princess. You'll get plenty of ideas there also. Carol and Frank (NY)
  4. Did you try http://www.call-us-cabs.com?
  5. You can reserve a cab for GBP 5 per person (but I don't know if you must have a minimum number of people) each way. E-mail http://www.call-us-cabs.com and they will get back to you. They were very efficient when we contacted them. Others on the Aug 12 roll call are using them and they came recommended from the folks that sailed on June 25th. Carol and Frank (NY)
  6. We're on the Aug 12th version of your cruise and we have a group of 10. In LeHavre, we are booked with handmaidtours@gmail.com (John replied to my e-mail). We needed 2vehicles to accommodate our whole group at 100 euros per person to Normandy. In Invergordon, we booked a tour with http://www.clansandcastles.com (Alastair replied to our e-mail). We needed a van that accommodates 9 - 15 people and costs GBP 590. This was more than what a group of 8 would pay but we are a family of 10 so we wanted to be together and therefore paid the higher amount. If you have more questions, I will be happy to answer them. Carol and Frank (NY)
  7. We cruised the Baltics on the Crown Princess last August. After reading the same types of postings before that cruise, I was a nervous wreck in St. Petersburg with my DenRus tour. We simply got up early and waited at the gangway until the ship was cleared. We walked off without a hitch and we were immediately cleared to enter the city. I think that Princess feels they have more leverage because you have to have a visa to enter St. Petersburg which both Princess and DenRus will provide as part of the tour fee. Passengers going with other tour companies this year should go to the gangway early and just walk off when the ship is cleared. I hope they will get to exit the same way that we did last year. Carol
  8. Try pricing Woodford Chauffeurs at cherylfinch4@aol.co.uk. They might give you a good price for your trip. Carol
  9. Marilyn: Where do you go to check the price daily? Carol
  10. Hi Giantfan13! I'd like that code. Do you have to book online to use it? Carol
  11. We stayed at the Premier Inn Hotel on Prescott St. The hotel is a few blocks walk from Tower Hill tube station and just as close to theTower of London. It was very clean with an excellent English breakfast included. We paid about $350 for 2 nights in August 2008. We found it quiet, convenient and our room was spacious and comfortable. I believe that it was originally a Sleep Inn then a Purple City Inn before it became a Premier Inn. Our room seemed like it was recently renovated since the bathroom looked brand new and the bedding was lovely! Carol
  12. Hi!! We are booked on the Crown Princess for next Aug 12th on this itinerary. Can you please forward websites for the tour companies you used? We would love to duplicate just about everything you did the same way you did it. We also loved seeing your pictures. Thank you so much for posting both the journal and the pictures. Carol and Frank
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