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  1. How does this new toy work at night or in low light?
  2. Hello 4 of us (2 adults, 2 kids) will be in Cozumel on 10/27 aboard Emerald Princess. We found a small tour http://www.chilicharters.com/boat-tours/el-cielo-tours/ that has a minimum of 8 and max of 12 passangers. We need 4 more to secure the excursion. Looks like a nice snorkeling trip. Has anybody used Chili for snorkeling? thanks
  3. We are trying to get everything planned for our next cruise with our 4 year old son and 19 month old daughter. When we did excursions on other lines our children were free when they were under the age of 3. They didn't need to reserve a spot, and unless they stated an age requirement they were able to do all the excursions. On the DCL site it is a little confusing. Some excursions are priced for ages 0 and up. Others are 3 and up, etc. Does this mean our daughter won't be able to go on any excursion that does not list her age. For example, we love to take a catamaran sail and snorkle trip on our cruises. Obviously the kids won't snorkel but we usually bring a coast guard approved floatation device for them to use in the water if we think it is safe. The DCL site gives a price for ages 8-9 and one for 10 and up. Can our kids do these trips? It doesn't say they can't when you read the details, but it also doesn't specify that they can. Any help would be appreciated
  4. My husband read on DCLs website that Halloween and Pirate night will be the same night on the cruise. I am trying to confirm this (one less costume to pack). Do you know if this is true? He isn't sure where he read it the other day.
  5. Another post reminded me of a few other things... giving baths to kids on the ship can be very tricky (not sure if Disney has tubs in all the rooms). We brought a blow up pool toy on our first cruise to help out. Easy to pack and it was cheap so we just threw it out at the end of the cruise. As for bringing DVDs we have a solution for that. For the flight we have a bunch of cartoons on our IPad. We have large headphones that either a baby can wear or you can hold them up next to her ear for her to hear. My husband has bought some cables and we use them to connect to the tv on several different cruise lines. One last suggestion would be to buy a portable power strip. The rooms don't usually have many plugs and if you have to charge anything (IPad or DVD player) it is nice to have a way to charge more than one thing.
  6. I love the idea of a Halloween candy hunt in the room. I will have to bring some for my kids. I wonder if any of the parents have gotten together to do their own mini trick or treating in the cabins away from the crowds.
  7. We have cruised with infants several times (9 months, 10 months, 12 months) with my son and daughter and have had a great experience all around. The staff usually loves seeing the little ones since they don't come on the ship that often. Spaces can be a little tight with a stroller but not usually a problem. Just wouldn't bring one that is really big and heavy. Each of them has visited the medical center once. They are able to do some medications for young children (nebulizer treatment and antibiotics) but not others (nausea medications). The doctors have always been nice but not necessarily have a lot of experience with really little kids. To save a little money we usually shop for diapers/wipes (I guess formula and water if you are bottle feeding) before we get to the cruise terminal. It takes too much room in your luggage to pack a lot of that stuff and we try to check as few bags as possible when flying. It is also a great time to pick up a few new toys as well. The rooms get tight once you add the crib in but you can manage. They don't have hangers that will hold infant clothing so might want to bring a few of your own. If you have a son, you can get a tux on ebay that is pretty inexpensive. Really good for pictures. Happy sailing
  8. My husband and I have been to Antigua already, so this trip we just want to sit back and relax at the beach. We have decided to spend the day at Grand Pineapple Resort with their day pass. We contacted Scenic Tours because we liked the idea of having transportation ready before we arrived. But!!! They just informed us that if we don't travel with a group of 4 (we are only 2) they will charge us an extra $40! This isn't posted anywhere on their website and I find this very upsetting. Has anyone used them before? Do they do a good tour, and are worth spending extra money? Is there any other company we can use to get us to the beach? Thanks :)
  9. gina2edu

    Ferry location

    My husband and I want to take the ferry from Tortola to Virgin Gorda. I have found on here that there are two different companies that offer ferries. Do they both leave from the same place? I know that it is a 15 minute walk to "the ferry" -- how do know where to go? Is the route marked? Thanks :)
  10. We are traveling to Tortola with our son who is almost 2 years old. We were wondering if we will be able to enjoy the Baths with him?! Will we be able to carry him around (assuming he won't be able to climb things on his own)? He likes the water, but won't be able to snorkel. If the baths are out, what else is there to do?
  11. What is the best and safest way to travel with wine? We want to bring some with us, but we don't want the bottles to break on the way. Is it better to have them in your checked luggage or your carry-on bags?
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