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  1. May B please send me your email again as I have lost it and my mind. I read your email and that's the last time I ever saw it. Just a hi it's May with your email would be perfect. Ernie
  2. It's not cold inside the ship now is it. It's not like we are going on a bunch of shore excursions:):) I did this same cruise with my Mother years ago on the Harmony. They had a lady that was going to lead us in workouts in the pool. We were going to use the action of the water to aid with our exercises. There was no action of the water. It just sat there in the pool and moved nowhere. Our instructor was completely flustered. If we had been in port the water couldn't have been calmer!! I wish for that condition again. Ernie
  3. Thanks all!! It is a very special cruise for me because my wonderful daughter, Mary made it all possible. She told me 2 years ago that if I quit smoking she would take me on a Crystal cruise. January 22 will be 2 years that I have quit smoking cigarettes. I do live in Denver so I haven't quit smoking everything yet:):) I'm feeling so much better what with starting to walk that it's just great. I did know where the gym was located along with the swimming pools in Highlands Ranch of which there are three lap pools indoors. This walking thing is brand new though and I look forward to walking on the Serenity with my wonderful Bride Debby!! Yes, it goes all the way around. To my new,new friend May B! It's great to see how excited you are about Crystal. You are definitely in the right spot for finding Crystal advocates. Homers if you will. Most of us here feel very strongly about Crystal and love to tell others how much we love it. I'm no exception and actually cry sometimes when I think about how wonderful it is to go to heaven for just a bit with that return trip of course. My email is cruzpro@hotmail.com. Let's keep in touch and definitely let's Book a Back to Back!! Ernie Just think!! Cobb salad on Friday for lunch. Prego that night with some dear friends!! Ahhh!!! Life is so good!!
  4. I can remember sitting at the bistro on the Harmony with Noel and Gary Hunter drinking coffee when Gary said "Try one of these pastries they are the best sweets on board" Yes they were and I have loved them ever since. The story I heard was that a Portuguese waiter gave them the recipe way back in the beginning and the rest is history. Weren't those the worst stools/chairs ever on board.Only getting to chat with Noel or Gary made it passable. I can't wait to try one again after 5 years without!! Maybe Gary will sit with me and reminsce about the old Harmony days. Ernie
  5. Well our destination is the ship!!! We could care less about any destination other than the Crystal ship we are currently sailing on. So early or late seating really doesn't matter to us. I'm usually a early to bed person but on Crystal I can stay up later than usual because I can take a nap sometimes in the afternoon. Shorex doesn't have anything to do with us as 3rd world countries are not our pleasure. I've never had the pleasure of sailing with Mark in the Ave so we do love spending time in the Avenue. I quit smoking Jan 22nd ,2014. My daughter promised me a Crystal Cruise if I quit and this cruise, 5311, is my reward. I think we will eat early but I could be wrong and eat late. We really don't care. We do enjoy sitting at a big table and getting to know new people. Ernie Let's do a back to back!!
  6. Well it isn't like we have to get up early for a shorex. We have no other place to go but the ship. Like you always say. Yes great advice. Give everything a couple days to shift out and Crystal will make it happen. I happen to think that Crystal wants everyone to be very happy. What is the number one thing that makes us happy?? Getting our way!!! I can't imagine things that they would ever say NO!! Just not happening. I'd rather do a Back to Back!! Ernie
  7. Hi Roy, We are sailing from Lisbon to Miami. We get off in Miami, sorry. It would be great to see yall again after so long. I hope you have your dinner reservations all booked. Ernie
  8. I bet you could get whatever time you wanted if the food was bad. If the service sucked!! If you couldn't ever get the wine steward to come to your table. Tables would be cheap. I'm just glad I'm going again in 80 days. I haven't made one reservation at all cause I'm betting Crystal will take good care of me and my agent will make sure they do. Having a good agent is damn near imperative in my opinion. Good luck Ernie Let's do a back to back!
  9. Howdy all. Our 2nd night on board is formal. Will they do my birthday cake the 3rd night or whenever I want it? What are they doing for breakfast on my birthday. They had something special 5 years ago but do they still do that? Thanks for your answers it's only a little more than 100 days now. I think I'll be fine. Ernie Let's do a Back to Back!!
  10. I wish I was wait listed. If nobody wanted to go on Crystal I guess there would be NO WAIT LIST!! Don't you understand Crystal wants to get it right the first time. Crystal, with the help of the Matre'D have thousands of guests to satisfy. I don't remember reading about a bunch of unhappy guests from any Crystal Cruise that were unhappy because they had been wait listed at one time or another. Ernie In fact I want to go on a Back to Back with both legs WAIT LISTED!!
  11. Hubert and Noel were my very first buds on Crystal. There wasn't anything Hubert wouldn't do for me and my Mother. Hubert was my go to guy for anything I needed on board the Harmony. Then for years it was Hubie and Herbert. I loved the zesty Italian dressing they had on board the Harmony. Well one cruise my Butler, Costa, couldn't seem to locate any on board. I saw Hubie and asked if there might be some he knew about. He dropped everything, left and came back in just a few minutes with a bowl of dressing. Sure enough it was exactly what I wanted and boy was Costa steamed. He just hated to not be able to take care of Mother and me! I hated that Hubie left and went to another cruise line. Brand X. I went on a cruise on X to Alaska and Hubie was the Hotel Director. Boy did he ever take good care of us. I am so glad Hubie has come back home to Crystal. Keith, you hunt him down and give him a great big hug from me. I loved him so much. Tears come to my eyes when I think about all he did for Mother and me. Let's do a back to back starting soon, Ernie
  12. I thought 0226 was a cruise in 2010 on the Symphony from NYC to LA. I sort of remember cause it was my last cruise on Crystal. I love being close to the laundry room. Ernie
  13. Dressing up means "party time". When I figured that out I had no problem with dressing up. People that cruise on Crystal for the most part are some of the nicest, friendliest people I have ever been around period!!! I'm an "old Deadhead" and I'm welcomed with open arms. I've never met the stuffy, crabby people that some are so worried about on Crystal. It just doesn't happen. Ernie
  14. Every year I get one of those ornaments from my cruise agent. Possibly we have the same agent in San Jose, Ca.! Enjoy, Ernie Let's do a back to back!
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