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  1. I was on the April 16th sailing and Roatan was one hour behind ship time.
  2. Wondering what the temperature will be during our two sea days between Sydney and New Zealand. Will it be warm enough to sit by the pool on the first sea day? Pretty cool the second day? We are leaving March 6th.
  3. MarieLill

    Cave tubing.bz question

    We did this tour in March and it was the first time in all our cruises that I worried we would miss the ship. We started out late because it took 2 1/2 hours to get off the ship due to tendering and Royal Caribbean getting all their ships tours off first. We had to skip the lunch after tubing we were so late. We ended up getting back at 4:20 and the last tender was supposed to be at 4:30...too close for my comfort...this is after a very scary ride back with our crazy driver!! As people said previously, there was a line of several hundred people for the tender, so the last tender was more like 5:00. This is the only port I have been to that I would consider booking a ship's excursion.
  4. MarieLill

    Little French Key....Crowded???

    We were there in March and it was very crowded. The problem was that they had booked to capacity, but people that did not have a reservation were allowed to book that day onsite. We didn't have a problem finding a lounge chair because we were there early, but there were many angry people later when all the chairs were taken. The owner was bringing chairs over from Roatan and washing them on the dock to hand out. We had a great day and thought it was a beautiful island.
  5. MarieLill

    Question on two different itineraries

    We ended up booking the second itinerary...thanks for all your comments!
  6. I am planning a cruise for next year and after narrowing down a timeframe when our group could travel, I am now struggling with chosing between two itineraies. Does anyone have any opinions/remarks on which one you would chose and why? Here are the ports of call: #1 Picton-Wellington-Napier-Tauranga-Ackland (Feb 24th) #2 Cruising Milford, Doubtful, Dusky Sounds-Dunedin-Tauranga-Ackland- Bay of Islands (March 6th)
  7. MarieLill

    Phil Anderson -- Schooner Bar

    According to Derek's Facebook page, he will be going to the Rhapsody in Alaska next. Hopefully he will come back to Galveston after that (with Phil)!
  8. MarieLill

    Phil Anderson -- Schooner Bar

    When I was on the Navigator in March, he said he would be getting off the ship in May and didn't know what ship he would be on after his break. I can't imagine sailing out of Galveston without Phil!!
  9. Can't wait for more...we go in May!!
  10. The ship does not turn the clocks ahead one hour. In March when we turn our clocks ahead, ship time will be the same as St. Thomas time.
  11. lovestx...yes we met in Santorini and also in Ephesus...what a great cruise we had! We are looking at a cruise out of Venice next September.
  12. To answer your question...will it be miserably hot in July...yes! You have to be prepared for really really hot temperatures. We were on the same cruise as lovestx in early/mid June and on a Mediterranean cruise a few years ago in mid/late July. I think the temps in Ephesus and Pompeii were around 100 and the temp in Malta was 112! We loved both of our cruises, but the next time we cruise the Mediterranean will be in the spring or fall.
  13. MarieLill

    Anyone bring a fan recently?

    Yes, it was a plug in. I got it in the camping section of Walmart, so you could also use 8 C batteries I think, but I didn't want the extra weigh in my luggage!
  14. MarieLill

    Anyone bring a fan recently?

    I brought a fan on the November 11th Allure...no problem!
  15. MarieLill

    Tendering in Santorini

    We were just in Santorini on June 13th arriving at 1:30. We had tender ticket number 7, and got off when they were calling groups 1-8. Had a 5 minute wait for the cable car.