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  1. Sorry MichellP- I meant Kona. I know that POAm could not stop at that port a few weeks ago due to the same winds from the south.
  2. Hi Folks This question if for any of you locals out there- I am finding high surf advisories on the NOAA site (see link and copy below). Is this problematic enough to prevent tendering at Hilo this coming Sunday? Has there been much beach erosion? We sail on POAm March 1-8-08. I'll bet it will be GREAT to watch the pro's up on the North Shore of Oahu however! http://www.srh.noaa.gov/wwamap/wwatxtget.php?cwa=hfo&wwa=all "...HIGH SURF ADVISORY FOR SOUTH NORTH AND SOME WEST FACING SHORES THROUGH THIS AFTERNOON... .OVERVIEW...AN UNSEASONABLE SOUTH SWELL CONTINUES TO MAINTAIN ABOVE NORMAL SURF ALONG SOUTH FACING SHORES OF ALL HAWAIIAN ISLANDS THROUGH THIS AFTERNOON. ELSEWHERE...A WEST NORTHWEST SWELL IS BRINGING ADVISORY LEVEL SURF HEIGHTS ALONG NORTH AND WEST FACING BEACHES OF MOST HAWAIIAN ISLANDS THROUGH THIS AFTERNOON."
  3. bug_dan, thanks so much for the great links and parking tips.
  4. Viv- are you talking about Kahlui or Oahu? Dan Bug- thanks for the GREAT link! So is that do able or should we ditch the car before embarkation?
  5. Thanks PDAZ. I was worried that daytime parking might not be allowed. Good to know about getting blocked in. I did see your previous post regarding that.
  6. I have a few questions I could not find an answer for on the boards- -in Maui can we park our rental car at the pier DURING THE DAY? We will be doing excursions and then driving around the rest of the day and returning it that evening. I thought it would be great parking, but then also thought it might not be allowed:confused: . -on embarkation day (03-01-08 POAm) we want to go to the Swap Meet. We will have a car and thought it would be a good idea to go to that, then drive to the hotel to get luggage and park at the pier to check in (1:00), then go tour around some more. I did read you can not park at the pier, but a few blocks away under a mall. Anyone know the name of the mall? Is this plan feasible or should we ditch the car before embarkation (don't want to miss any fun on the ship)? -what is the BEST time to actually check in? Two members of our party are Lattitudes members. Can they make a dinner reservation that includes non-lattitude members? It is freezing, snowy and icy here in Ohio. I can not wait to pack (I am tempted to start every day).
  7. cookscorner

    Luggage Tags

    Be safe and tsake them to Office Depot or the like and have them laminated! Only a buck or two.
  8. Good sharp cheddar cheese in grits is fabulous! Add the crispy bacon another person posted about and I wouod be set (yes...a little butter too).
  9. What GREAT pics! I am so glad I am not the only one that takes pics of well plated food:) . My daughter is a pastry chef so I always do dessert. Sounds like the food is decent (new to NCL), I just hope it is good on POAm as well.
  10. Hey Coastaljen- we are doing the Eruption of Flavor tour and try as I may I only find 3 posts regarding that tour. Good to know you heard positive things about it. That is a full day and I certainly do not want to waste a day :( on something if it is not great. I am a real foodie, so that sounded right up my alley.;) let me know if you hear anything else about it!
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