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  1. Every time you break a journey, it is no longer part of the rules from the first leg. So it is valid that your continue journey is subject to baggage fee. If you don't have the stopover, then the bags will be checked all the way to Barcelona, and no extra charge is expected because of the first leg is Business Class. Yes, every airline has different meaning on the economy tiers. Some call the lowest Basic, some call it Standard. It is not who issues the tickets, it is who flies you there.
  2. Please calm down yourself first, and others will respect you. Your input shows that you are very upset. To clarify, the total price of a cruise consists of three components: basic cruise fare, non commissionable cruise fare (likely overhead), and government taxes. Only the first component relates directly to the cruise vacation, and to a certain extend, the taxes (includes port charges). Because the port charges are usually small by the person, cruise line don't usually refund it. I had one weather related delay years ago. The ship could not dock until one day later. We missed one day onboard, we got back US$50 on board credit. We did not make a big issue out of it and we enjoyed the sailing. Also, UK may have a different compensation than North America.
  3. Thank you so much for the great review. We did the 7-day New England cruise back in the summer of 2007. Guess it is time for us to revisit these great cities.
  4. No, the rate for the first two passengers will not change if you just add a third, or a fourth.
  5. I totally agreed. Unless Celebrity has a change of heart, this time is for real, as I have signed up for the Agent Breaking News Webinar.
  6. I agree. I have two booked, but will consider moving to luxury where you get more inclusive items.
  7. It will be any new booking (or re-fare) on or after Oct 10, 2019. Increased cruise fare (instead of gratuity) is per package per day. Note I am in Canada, I assume the $14 is CAD. For US and other countries, the increase may be different. Details has yet to be released publicly.
  8. Not a rumour anymore. Breaking news from Celebrity agent webminar - Effective October 10, 2019, any booking with the beverage as a perk, the total cruise fare will increase by $14 per day. Stay tuned for the public announcement.
  9. Just to be fair, most TAs are very competent and know what they are doing. One may hit a few new ones who may not have the knowledge, or "very busy" ones who may not have the time for their customers. Cruise fares are always sold at the price published by cruise lines. Agencies can sell pre-negotiated group fare. This is regulated in Canada. Any additional "discount", perks, come directly from the Agency / Agent. The more perks you get, the less commission they retain. This may translate into service. Of course, there are exceptions. A good agent is your personal concierge without additional charge. So don't try to take commissions out of his or her wallet.
  10. Thank you for the review. We just got back from Amsterdam after a river cruise from Basel. We stayed at the same Holiday Inn Express City Hall. Great front desk staff. Too bad they only have cold cut for breakfast. All pictures you posted served like a reminder of where we were a few days ago.
  11. That's how I interpret the question. It did say "inside cabins".
  12. The best non monetary gift is to give them a LIKE by letting the Guest Relation Office know. Then mention their names in the survey that follows after the cruise. These mean everything to them.
  13. Blu cannot be reserved and no fixed time dining. Just show up during the opening hours. There may be a short line up, but everyone is seated quickly.
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