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  1. I would search this forum and see if I could find any. Thanks!
  2. Thank you Marazul! Any suggestion for a good and reliable tour company?
  3. Our cruise ship will dock at Messina Port for a few hours in February, we just want to go to Mt Etna. Just wonder whether there will be taxi at the port to take us there and how much it will cost? We plan to stay there for just a couple of hours. Thanks!
  4. Try Civitavecchia Port.org , see if it is what you are looking for.
  5. Hi Edinburgher, Thank you for the dress code reminder! I know they are very conservation and it is always good to respect the other's culture.
  6. Edinburgher, Thank you for the good advice. One of our stops is Abu Dhabi, for sure we will visit the beautiful mosque there. As for Fujairah, maybe we will just take the shuttle to town and see what's there.
  7. Thank you Bob! It does not look like Fujairah is a very interesting place.
  8. Zach 1213, Thankyou for the information!
  9. We will be in Fujairah for a few hours in December on a cruise. Does anyone know whether there is a shuttle into town and where is the drop off. Is it possible to walk around by ourselves and visit the attractions ( such as Sheikh Zayed Mosque) on foot. Any suggestions as to what to see in town? Thanks!
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