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  1. That's where we are headed in June and Colorado for a few days. Will have to overlook all the pot heads and loons there though.
  2. Best and most truthful post I've seen on here in a while.
  3. If you stayed home for a year then that's your problem. Millions of us have travelled normally except for the stupid mask which does nothing btw.
  4. You'd be surprised I bet. I mean there are morons wearing them in their cars by themselves.
  5. These people only watch CBS, CNN and MSNBC. They believe all those lies.
  6. I'll take my chances with a virus with a 99.6% survival rate versus a experimental "vaccine" rushed to market. I'll wait and let all the guinea pigs get it.
  7. Yea, how about their hit job on Desantis? All bias and lies. Pathetic journalism.
  8. CBS News. Now there's a reliable news source. Not.
  9. This has not been authorized by the FDA. Just a rushed experiment. Can't even say it's a vaccine.
  10. Not going on any cruise when the vaccine is mandatory. Plenty of other things to do. Been to FL three times since this BS started. Going to Colorado and South Dakota in June and wife and me going to gulf shores, AL in Sept for 25th anniversary. I'll wait until the cruise lines come to their senses.
  11. Been travelling the whole time during the plandemic has been going on.
  12. Who would ever want to move to California? No thanks.
  13. And where are you from? . Believe me first chance I get I'm out of here.
  14. It tells me they don't work and all the people who believe they do have been scammed.
  15. I think it will bring back the industry. Going to be a big shock when vaccines open up for the younger folks and there are warehouses full of the poison sitting and rotting because more people won't get it than will.
  16. Nope not a chance. People like to breathe fresh air. Seeing more and more without every day.
  17. Plenty of them on cruise critic and they should know who they are.
  18. Have had no problems. Nobody has said a word except at Dick's sporting goods last week. They offered me one at the front door. I said nope, no thanks and kept walking. Have been to Old Navy, Home Depot, Lowe's, Homegoods and our 3 local grocery stores recently. It's not a law.
  19. At least they can pretty much live life the way they want to.
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