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  1. Isn't that the truth on all three of these especially the last one.
  2. Been there 3 times since this started. A great getaway from a failed blue state.
  3. Exactly, I don't wear one anywhere except if I need to be seated at a restaurant and a airplane. Otherwise, have never worn one at work or shopping. They don't work, it's all been forced upon us for no reason.
  4. And you trying to convince yourself the vaccine will give you superpowers.
  5. ' Sounds like hell on earth. No thanks.
  6. Yea sounds like a great time. No thanks, who in the hell would go through this crap?
  7. Will not cruise to everything is back to normal. And no I'm never getting a vaccine.
  8. Agree, what a disgrace to see these kids in masks.
  9. That's fine, I'll wait. Wasn't planning on a cruise until 2023. Too many good land trips I've found to go on the next two years.
  10. We'll see how many people wear masks for life.. Go live in Asia if you want that.
  11. I was there over Xmas. I had drinks in hand walking down Duval. I guess it's legal, nobody said I couldn't. The police were asking you to pull it up on Duval. Just did and then pulled it back down. On side streets I never saw any cops.
  12. Ridiculous any child should have to wear one of those awful things. What have we become to allow this?
  13. Nope, will never cruise again. I'm thinking maybe 60% of the population will get the poison. There is no way the mandate would stay past a year or two. It would be the end of cruising with the losses that they've had already and the losses from the people who won't get it. We love to cruise and so do my kids but there's plenty of other things to do. Not being a lab rat for a virus with a 99.6% survival rate.
  14. Did anyone see the poll of corrections officers in FL? Out of 470 polled only 75 will get the vaccine. Good for them.
  15. exactly, so if he had that bad of a reaction there's no doubt there are people dying from it. I'll take my chances of a virus with a 99.6% survival rate.
  16. Do you think the lying, cheating media would really even tell you if she did die of the vaccine?
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