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  1. And what cites you as being an expert into the future of what cruise lines do? There is no way this will be forever. Maybe a year or two.
  2. Hell no, nobody getting the poison in my family. Many people having very bad reactions and some dying.
  3. Agree with you. We are not getting the vaccine either. If we can't cruise no biggie. We will go other places. It would only last a year or two anyways, no way they'll extend if further than that.
  4. Absolutely. Don't listen to any of their BS and haven't the whole time.
  5. My wife and I neve get any vaccines. And hardly ever sick. My kids don't either.
  6. Never, not getting it. If there has been a broad bad reaction or even deaths do you think the fake news media is going to tell the public that. They lie about everything.
  7. Nobody in my family disagrees with me. Nobody is getting it. My in laws in their 70's said no way. Not being a guinea pig.
  8. Then they will lose tons of revenue. The cruise lines aren't dumb. Even if they make it mandatory at first it won't last long. As in a previous post the poster said all the islands are open now for all inclusives and hotels and not one is mandating a vaccine. Not all of us are guinea pigs as you probably want to believe.
  9. Then tons of business will be lost by the cruise lines. There are many and I mean many including my family who will not ever get the shot.
  10. Great read. I'm not getting any vaccine.
  11. Surely it can't be from who is in the white house now. I mean really who couldn't see cases dropping from that?
  12. agree with you 100%. Finally someone who gets it. I'm not getting any vaccine that took 5 months.
  13. Nope not a chance. Not being a guinea pig. They will lose tons of business especially younger people. Never got the flu shot in my life as well.
  14. People will be staying away from NYC for a long time.
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