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  1. UPDATE - After I calmed down I wrote Mr. Kalish an email pointing out how disappointing it was that he obviously didn't do any research at all before responding to me. I never expected to hear from him, but today I received an email saying that they had reconsidered my claim and as a gesture of goodwill they are going to reimburse us for the $325.40 we spent on the airfare. I don't know what changed his mind, but maybe when I responded to his letter, it made him take a second look. I have always been treated very, very well by NCL in the past and it is my favorite cruise line. They have redeemed themselves (at least to me) with this reimbursement. It is not the money that makes me happy, it is that they are doing the right thing now. I was always going to cruise with them again because I love cruising with them, but now I can do it without a lingering bad taste. Thank you NCL for reconsidering.
  2. I have always been an NCL cheerleader. I am posting this now because I am so disappointed in the way NCL has handled this cancellation. We booked this cruise along with my sister and her husband 1/19/2017. Just a week before we received notice of the cancellation I booked our airfare with American airlines. I only did it so early because I got a great price. I had taken the NCL insurance for the cruise, but was going to buy insurance that covers a lot more at website I have used before. I hadn't done that yet and in any case it would have cost more than I am losing with American anyway. I called NCL after I got the email like everyone else. I was also not given any good options, like everyone else. I was told that since American does not do changes for tickets that are under $200, I did not qualify for the airfare change fee reimbursement from NCL and I was just out of luck. I was referred to the guest services department where they told me the same thing. I filed a claim with them online anyway. The people in guest services were just as dismissing as the people from the email letter. I am posting the response I received from them. Please notice that I was told that I turned down the option of the 9 day cruise with a 10% discount. A cruise that doesn't even exist. Mr. Kalish didn't even take the time to find out the facts before he wrote his response. I am so disappointed in them. I hope you can open the pdf. NCL response.pdf
  3. I always get travel insurance for the entire trip, but I hadn’t done it yet. We always get insurance and it has really paid off. My husband fell on a NCL cruise through the Panama Canal and the cost to airlift him home was $36,000. Not NCL’s fault. Thankfully we had trip insurance with “hospital of choice” coverage that I got through an online insurance site. I had NCL put their insurance on when we booked but that doesn’t cover airfare. I was going to do the insurance next. However, since our insurance would have cost $527. We are losing less money this way.
  4. We were booked on the Pearl leaving from Vancouver on Oct 1, 2018 since last January. NCL has just cancelled the entire cruise and the only thing they have offered us is a $50 per cabin onboard credit when we rebook something else. W had already booked non-refundable or changeable air fare and they won’t reimburse us for that either. So don’t expect much from them. And by the way, we are Platinum with the and we’re booked into a suite. I love sailing NCL. I’m not sure why they are treating everyone like this.
  5. Hi. I am looking for any information on this cabin from someone who has either stayed in this cabin or nearby. Crown Princess, cabin D224 (deck 9). Thanks in advance for any help. Elaine
  6. I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you on this one. We will never spend enough on trip insurance to cover the over $34,000 that was paid by the insurance company to airlift my husband home from a cruise. I always buy insurance, but like everyone else thought "it would never happen to us". Well it did and in an instant everything changed. I will always be grateful that we had that insurance.
  7. You will need to buy from a company that allows the pre-existing condition waiver when you purchase the insurance before final payment date. If you go on the insuremytrip.com website, you can do a online chat with an agent. I purchased CSA from that site for just that reason. My son has a chronic illness but we weren't 100% sure we were going go on the cruise when I made the reservation over a year in advance. I am sure there are other websites and other companies. Good luck.
  8. We sure would. We could drive there easily and since we already have passports for other trips, that is not an issue. I think they would be very successful with the Arizona market. Hope this comes through. JMO :)
  9. Unless there has been a very recent change, the machines take quarters and you can get them at the guest service desk. It was $3 wash $3 dry. Enjoy your cruise. I am completely jealous. :)
  10. I have never stayed in the Vista on deck 5, but did see one on a cabin crawl and I can confirm that it was one room. The ship was the Miracle.
  11. Pardon my yelling, but ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!! Have you seen pictures of the aft wraps? You won't regret it.:D:D
  12. And there you have the quirks of using Carnival's web-site. :confused: All I am saying is that the 6J (scenic ocean view) would show if available but I never saw a 6K (grand scenic ocean view) available at all on the web-site. When I called I was able to book one for the date I had just looked at online. So my advice would be that it never hurts to double check what is available with Carnival directly.
  13. For what this is worth, my experience has been that the 6K does not show up on the Carnival web-site at all. I spent quite a bit of time checking all different dates and using 2,3 and 4 people. I called and one was available for the date I wanted. I don't know why they don't show up even when available. I asked my PVP why and she didn't know either - or at least told me she didn't. I am sure you will find a great cabin and have a wonderful cruise. :)
  14. At least you were there to SEE the look on her face when she opened it. What a wonderful thing to do for your Mom.:)
  15. Don't forget to have your cards initialed by the host in each cabin. This prevents anyone from inadvertently slipping in other cards. Not that anyone would do that on purpose.:rolleyes: Elaine
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